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In her never-ending quest to make Montreal the greenest, nicest smelling, plastic-less, car-less city in the world, Madame Valerie Plante, mayor of Montreal, has suggested one of the most hairbrained ideas in her never-ending repertoire of hairbrained ideas.

Her latest lightbulb is to make Mount Royal so green that no one will ever be able to go there again. How will she accomplish this feat? By cutting the parking spots from 728 to 290. Blanche, have you ever been to Mount Royal? Do you know how steep the walk up is?

Clearly Madame Plante has never done that walk. If she had done so, even she would understand what a dufus she sounds like. We wonder who exactly she is trying to impress? Our guess is those who are still wearing masks while driving alone in their cars.

And speaking of masks, why is it that Montreal news - all news venues - are constantly being filled with numbers of people who have contracted the flu or covid or rvs or a cold or they suddenly have a lot of gas. Seriously?

Every year the flu hits our city. It's part of the fall/winter season. It comes and it goes. The big difference this time around is that because of covid, the frightening and intolerable situation in our healthcare system, specifically emergency rooms, has been put under a microscope and it's not pretty to put it mildly.

Quebec is particularly a problem due to czar legault's immigration policy of hiring only people who speak french. He is single-handedly handicapping our medical system.

Blanche, you are preaching to the choir. czar legault got elected on fake news read by his 'base' who obviously didn't care if they had or didn't have a doctor. Vive le quebec libre.

Seems Trump is trouble. It appears that his base, unlike czar legault's, has had enough of him and his big mouth.

By 2-1, republican and republican leaning voters now say they want Trump's policies but a different standard-bearer to carry them. While 31% want the former president to run, 61% prefer some other Republican nominee who would continue the policies Trump has pursued.

Get this Blanche? By double digits, 56% to 33%, they prefer DeSantis over Trump. Uh oh. Doesn't bode well for the dude with the big blonde combover.

However and this is a big however - if there are, as the last time, a large number of peeps vying for the presidential nomination, Trump could win the nomination again. And if that happens, the republican party should fold, close down and start over.

AOC - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez should stick to having a big mouth. A climate change documentary aimed at promoting Green New Deal initiatives — and featuring this beauty gave new meaning to the term box office bomb with its dismal opening weekend.

If you can believe this, it debuted over the weekend in 120 theaters. The total box office haul for opening weekend was hold your chair - $9,667. And that peeps is a massive embarrassment.

Clearly nobody wants to hear what AOC has to say about climate change and the new green deal except AOC and Zaidy Bernie (Sanders). If AOC wants to see herself speak she could have saved a lot of money if she just stood and talked to herself in front of a mirror. Just saying.

It is very clear that Justin's International Trade Minister Mary Ng took a page right out of Justin's I'm-so-sorry (not)-playbook. We think that Justin has been called out by the ethics commissioner for conflict of interest at least five times while he has been prime minister.

Ng was called out for - get this one - signing contracts for media and communications training with public relations agency Pomp & Circumstance, co-founded and run by Amanda Alvaro. And who is Alvaro? A good friend of Ng's. Well what do you know.

The contracts were signed on behalf of the minister in March 2019 and April 2020.

The second page out of Justin's I'm so sorry book from Ng: "I take full responsibility for my actions. I should have recused myself and apologize to all for not having done so."

It's pretty obvious that if. you are friends with the liberal party or anyone associated with them or Justin, bob's your uncle - you will be rewarded. Nothing like a little nepotism, eh


Then there's Jagmeet Singh, erstwhile leader of the NDP who has been propping up Justin's government since he was elected with a minority.

Singh is threatening to take away his support (and go home with his toys) if Justin doesn't fix the healthcare system or take the fact that it is failing more seriously.

One thing we can tell you with certainty. Justin doesn't give a rats what Singh is threatening him with.

If Jagmeet threatens Justin then poof! just like that Justin will call a snap election. Bada bing bada boom.

If you are planning to fly with our governor general Mary Simon, perhaps you should reconsider.

To reduce the catering costs of her traveling - the last trip cost $100,000 for catered food on the plane, the government has decided to do away with lemons and limes. They will be saving $1000.

That of course means no lemon or lime twists in your drinks. What, oh what are we going to do?

Seriously - we can't make this bs up. It is beyond the pale and shows with flashing lights and honking truck horns that Justin and his government have less than zero issue with using your money like it's growing on trees.

We'll talk...

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