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Suck it up peeps. You voted her in and she's doing what she said she would - making Montreal greener than kermit the frog. Never mind that in 2019 there was a long and very expensive inquiry into keeping the road on Mount Royal open with the results being it should stay open.

Valerie Plante has given new meaning to 'do you know who I am'. The latest commandment to her subjects:

Closing Camillien-Houde Way (the road that crosses Montreal from east to west) over Mount Royal and - wait for it - transforming it into a path for cyclists and pedestrians.

She has surrounded herself with like-minded people who have determined if you drive a car you are the enemy. By using your car to cross Mount Royal you cause - get this one - a scar on the mountain.

Can we talk about being realistic and not living in a bubble, which Plante clearly has given herself the luxury to live in?

From, oh, say November until the end of April at best, Montreal is not a bicycle city except for the diehard spandex riders.

Next anyone who has been on that road knows that it is a 90 degree angle most of the way to the top. Aside from the diehard walkers again in spandex (and maybe with a weighted backpack), nobody is walking up that road. Certainly not families with babies in strollers.

Has she given any thought to anything but the number 11 bus to get to the top? No.

And finally, in her press conference she said that a lot has changed in the world since...2019. What? Yes, we had covid but it appears that Madame Plante was left with climate change anxiety. Nothing else can explain her insane, word salad press conference.

She is a self-serving, arrogant mayor, oblivious to what her citizens need or want. Her ignoring the 2019 inquiry and subsequent negative response to the closure of the mountain is all the proof you need. She completely ignored what the people wanted.

Here's a headline Madame Plante: You were voted in as mayor of all Montrealers, to serve all Montrealers. Not to represent only the people who think like you do.

We sincerely hope two things: A) That a normal, suitable candidate from another party emerges soon and B) people give her what she deserves in the next election - a boot out the door.

Federal prosecutors have indicted Hunter Biden on gun charges today. Entre nous, that's the least of his father's issues concerning his son. It's also the only thing that Hunter can be charged with that doesn't involve his father. How convenient. Look the other way.

The bigger question, which will eventually get answered, is how much money did the Biden family share when Hunter used his father as bait with gzillionaires all over the world.

His father the president is connected to that mess, and once the stuff hits the fan on that one, Biden running for president again may be put on hold. Seems the entire extended family benefitted from Hunter's machinations.

As always, follow the money.

Then there's Montreal's rapid transit system - the REM. It was supposed to cost $6 billion but guess what? It ran into extra costs and is now coming in at $8 billion.

What percentage of that bill is bribes, graft, money in socks etc. Lots and lots and lots. Vive le quebec.

Today, Justin breathlessly announced that Ottawa is removing the GST on construction of new rental apartment buildings. How wonderful. There's a massive housing shortage in Canada and he's finally doing something about it. Ah, but there's a catch...

Justin promised to do this in the 2015 election campaign. Where are we now? 2023?

Seven years later he's waking up and suddenly cares about the housing shortage? No. He's tanking in every poll known to man and grasping at straws to improve his image. It won't work.

From Hector in Newfoundland to Ace in Vancouver nobody believes that he cares about them for a second. Nice try dude.

In the big covid-cover-up, yet another whistleblower has come forward.

An unnamed, highly credible senior-level CIA officer made the dramatic allegation that six analysts there were bribed to reject the theory that COVID-19 resulted from a research-related leak of a new coronavirus.

This is coming from the office of the Republican leading a congressional investigation into the pandemic. The allegation was strongly rejected in a CIA statement released hours later. Duh.

It is well known that Anthony Fauci pushed the theory that covid originated in the wet market in Wuhan - jumping from animals to humans - called the zoonotic transmission theory.

The whistleblower testified that only the most senior analyst of a seven-member CIA team investigating the origin of COVID-19 supported the zoonotic theory.

The whistleblower alleged the other six team members supporting the lab origin then received “a significant monetary incentive to change their position".

Again, follow the money.

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year

Shana Tova

We'll talk...

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