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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Patrick Brown, beleagured candidate for leadership of the Conservative party is out. As is Boris Johnson, gregarious Prime Minister of Great Britain. Having watched the BBC for a good part of the day, we are in awe of the very interesting members of parliament. Let’s just say run of the mill, stiff-upper lip Brits are there, but so are some very interesting people with hairdos to match.

Boris Johnson didn’t follow the rules. He was a conservative, but acted like a liberal. His party didn’t like that. He also had a great sense of humour and definitely had no filter. To cite but one example, in a 2007 newspaper column he described then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as looking like a “sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”. Now that’s funny. He was also elected by the British people with a huge majority.

The issue now is that although he stepped down as leader of his party, he didn’t step down as Prime Minister and made it clear he  won’t leave until a new leader of his conservative party is elected. That could take a few months and people are not happy with this. They want him gone today, right now and have the deputy prime minister, Dominique Raab sit in his place until the leadership convention.

As more than 57 MP’s have resigned, Johnson doesn’t have a government to run. He almost has no choice but to leave. However,  he has to come to that realization himself or it appears he will be governing the country all by himself. He has lost the confidence of his party but for sure not the people.

Patrick Brown’s political career has been shrouded by scandals. While were not a fly on the wall in the back room of the old boys club aka the head office of the Conservative party, it appears that Brown was given ample opportunity to come forward with a response to the allegation that he broke the campaign rules by taking money from a corporation to pay his campaign employees. He never did.

It also turns out that the allegations did not come from Pierre Poilievre’s camp, rather they came from inside Patrick Brown’s campaign itself . We have learned that Brown has retained prominent lawyer Marie Henein to appeal the party’s decision. Henein previously defended former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant and ex-CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. The fat lady did not sing on this story yet.

In 2019, Justin’s Liberal government promised a new consumer advocate whose mandate would include transportation-related complaints. Blanche, have you seen this person? Have you even heard a whisper that Justin or  Omar, our transport minister are doing anything to help solve the airport and passport issues plaguing the little peeps?  Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

Get this. This past Tuesday, Toronto’s Pearson Airport was the only airport in the world where more than half of flight departures were delayed. Canadians are sleeping. As are the opposition parties, in particular the NDP and Jagmeet Singh, who is making very sure Justin’s government stays in power.

Their silence is not only deafening, it is infuriating. We elected a government who is not only incompetent, but actually doesn’t care what is happening with its citizens. Their new motto is:  It’s the summer. We’re on vacation. You’re on your own. Figure it out.

Hey Anthony Housefather, we read your recent newsletter and noted this: “I have been in touch with Minister Mendicino about the reopening of Nexus offices and with Minister Alghabra about airport delays.  The latter is also something happening in many countries and government only has a limited role in that issue, but we are committed to working with the airlines and airport management to improve the situation.” 

I have been in touch with Mendicino about the reopening of Nexus offices (after almost 3 years!) and??? Did he answer you? Did you push him for an answer? Where are the people who used to work there?

As for Alghabra and airport delays – are you, Justin and Alaghabra ignoring the fact that yes, airport delays are happening all over the world but Canada has by far the worst delays, cancellations and lost luggage?

Anthony – it’s time to take a page out of the UK Conservative party and challenge Justin and his ministers for not doing their jobs.

Our government has failed Canadians and if you have any backbone, call the other ministers – who we are sure are also hearing from their constituents and revolt against the mother of all incompetent governments. Perhaps a new pair of fancy socks will help you get started.

If we could talk to them the ultimatum would be: Either do your jobs and become competent ministers or leave and find others who can do the job. We dare you Anthony.

Quebec’s health minister had a presser today. His big announcement was that we are in the 7th wave of covid. Well, at least he can count. You want issues? Here they are: Getting a pcr test is impossible unless you do it privately. Which means that 98% of the population can’t afford to get one. Those rapid tests are useless as they most often don’t pick up whatever variant is swirling around. So people have covid, test negative and go to work, spreading it like wildfire. He wants them to isolate? Give them the proper tools to test themselves. Not rocket science.

The numbers in the hospitals are increasing. Did these people really enter the hospital due to covid? Or, as is most likely the case, entered the hospital for something else and then either tested positive for covid or got it in the hospital.

As for the hospitals themselves, no kidding they are overrun. There are thousands of health care workers either retired, sick, on vacation or just done with this place. Emperor legault closed emergency rooms  and hundreds of beds in different hospital wards all over the province.

We are coming very, very close to third-world countries in terms of our health care and all emperor legault and his geniuses care about is making sure your birth or death certificate is in French only. We need a revolt a la Great Britain.

We are not going to spend a lot of words on the most recent mass shooting in Highland on July 4. Given that, some things have become very transparent.

The person who committed this massacre was very clearly not normal. One only had to look at his appearance, especially the tattoos on his face to figure that out. Unfortunately, his parents didn’t see anything wrong. Which brings us to one of the main criteria of all of these killers. Dysfunctional families.

His parents were divorced and for years his mother was annoyed at having to care for him. He threatened to commit suicide a few years ago, the police were called, they seized about 60 knives and yet he was not put into a psychiatric ward. His father co-signed his Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, which gun owners must have in Illinois. Did he not see his son was a weirdo?

In this case, as in others, the weapon is the final manifestation of what is wrong with these people. Way, way before that, comes strange, dangerous behavior that, for the most part, goes unnoticed by those living with these people. You can call it what you want – mental health issues, bad or no parenting – it all leads down the same sick path.

Travel Update: (Anthony – more ammunition for you): For four days running, Air Canada and Pearson ranked No. 1 in delays worldwide. And to make matters even worse unions warn strikes, work action and labour shortages could disrupt travel for months.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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