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What Can Possibly Be the Best Thing Since Chopped Liver?

Chopped liver has to move over. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (pronounced bootajege), the newest democrat to announce his run for the presidency, has become the best thing since chopped liver.

He has a few things going for him: He’s white, a veteran, gay, young and relatively decent looking. He has a few things going against him: He’s white, gay and young.

At 37 years-old he’s 39 years younger than Joe Biden, who at 76 years old is yet to announce he’s running and 40 years younger than Zaidy Bernie.

To say CNN and MSNBC are gaga over him would be a kind understatement. They are head over heals in love with him, pushing Beto O’Rourke completely under the bus. Oh well. Never mind Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas) or Bernie. Mayor Pete is the hottest thing sliced bread.

He sounds a lot like Obama’s hope and change business which was the biggest air balloon known to man. “It’s time to walk away from the politics of the past, and toward something totally different. … That’s why, this time, it’s not just about winning an election—it’s about winning an era.” Ok. Nice. Now what?

Wait. In breaking news, it appears that the boy wonder made some rather derogatory remarks which ‘someone’ is going to leak.

Justin Trudeau is  trying very hard to toss Andrew Scheer under the racism bus. It’s going to come back, yet again, to bite him you-know-where.

Trudeau spent most of last week trying to link Scheer to white supremacist extremism. He’s been trying that since the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, last month.

Andrew Scheer happens to be one of the fairest, most honest men in Ottawa. Calling him a white supremacist is like calling Jody Wilson Raybould Minnie Mouse. While Scheer may not be as bubbly as some people would like, he  has morals, a vision and doesn’t change his mind every five minutes to make himself look better.

Trudeau is again speaking out of two sides of his mouth.  Blanche, did you know that he pushed through a removal of any reference to Sikh extremism from an intelligence report just before he visited one of the largest Sikh temples in Canada last week.

Before visiting a Sikh temple, ‘sunny ways Trudeau’ made a ‘small’ change on the Public Safety Canada website regarding terrorist threats to Canada.

Originally it listed in the following order: Shia extremism, Right-Wing extremism, Sikh extremism, Sunni extremism, and Canadian extremist travellers.

Now the reference to Sikh extremists is gone and is replaced by, “Extremists who Support Violent Means to Establish an Independent State Within India.” Trudeau is a sneaky, slimy snake hiding behind his pretty face. Ich.

Ilhan Omar is the Somali-American woman, a democrat, serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. She is a virulent anti-semite and now it appears, also virulently anti-American.

Last week, when speaking about 9/11, she referred to the worst terrorist attack on American soil by islamic terrorists as ‘some people did something’.

In response, Trump posted the following on Twitter: We will never forget and added the Twin Towers in flames, interspersed with Omar’s comments. It now seems she needs full time body-guards.

Omar was born in Somalia. She and her family fled the country’s civil war when she was eight-years-old, living in a refugee camp in Kenya for four years before coming to the United States. Why is she biting the hand that fed her? Why is she spitting out anti-American rhetoric?

Here’s a tip for Omar: If you’re not happy with how America is run, go back to Somalia and try to change things there. Oh wait. As a woman you would be subjected to beatings, not be allowed to drive, have to go out only with males in your family and not allowed to utter a word against the government. We hope that the government is not paying to protect her. It better be coming from her ‘supporters’.

And one more thing about the Democrat party. Anyone who says that I have to vote democrat because my family voted democrat needs a lobotomy. The Democratic Party is leaderless, unprincipled, has no policies, cannot control their anti-semites and other loose cannons. They never recovered from eight empty years of ‘hope and change’ given to them by Obama.

In case you didn’t know, there is an election today in the province of Alberta. Running are Jason Kenney for the United Conservative. The word united was added when the Conservative party merged with the Wildrose Party. Rachel Notley, the incumbent, is running for the NDP and David Khan for the Liberal Party.

It appears that Kenney is going to win, which would not be a good thing for Justin. It would mean in the October general election, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta would create a coalition to try to defeat Trudeau.

If that happens, plus the new carbon tax on gas in those provinces, and the failed pipeline, and the SNC Lavalin scandal and Mr. Dressup goes to India and the $10.5 million gift of Omar Khadr, Trudeau will have some very big problems on his hands.

While we are not the biggest fans of Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante and her incessant desire to rid the city of cars, we have to agree with her on Bill 21.

She stood shoulder to shoulder with Lionel Perez, leader of Montreal’s opposition party Ensemble Montreal. Perez is a kippah-wearing Jew. Plante said that  Bill 21 goes against the Montreal values of “inclusiveness, openness and plurality.” Bill 21 goes against any normal thinking person.

President Donald Trump said last week that all undocumented immigrants should be sent to so-called sanctuary cities like New York.

Mayor De Blasio of New York, a sanctuary city said, “It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal. We will meet him in court. We will beat him in court.”

Wait a minute. It’s ok to say you’re a sanctuary city but when undocumented immigrants come to your city you have a sissy fit? It’s ok to say you want undocumented immigrants until they come into your four cubits?

This is what liberals, save-the-whale-trees and turtles do. As long as they don’t have to feel uncomfortable they are fine. It’s ok for ‘someone else’ to take them. So dudes, why call yourselves a sanctuary city?

We’ll talk…

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