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What is the Biggest Crock Going Today?

Huge news item today and frankly, one that we deeply regret. Nikki Haley is leaving her post as US Ambassador to the UN.

She has been the voice of reason, intelligence and honesty in a world and institution that needs such people. She will resurface, perhaps not immediately, but such talents do not remain idle.

To say that democrats in the US are in a hysterical frenzy would be an understatement. They are completely crazed that Brett Kavanaugh is now sworn in as a US Supreme Court judge, pushing the balance to conservatives.

It would also be correct to say that this may have mobilized them enough to actually come out and vote in the US mid-term elections on November 6. What is up for grabs in this election?

Members of the United States Congress, including all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives, and the full terms for 33 or 34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate. It’s a big deal and if the democrats get enough seats they will effectively paralyze anything else Trump wants to accomplish during his first term in office.

However, and this is a big however, the republicans are also mobilized and much better organized than the Dems who still look, with great disdain and haughtiness at those in the middle of the United States. Not one democrat has ever come out and said that Hillary’s infamous ‘deplorables’ referring to anyone voting for Trump was firstly wrong and secondly, for smart people, rather shortsighted.

Both coasts are liberal while the rest of the country is not, for the most part. So the Dems can have all the temper tantrums they want, but unless they are able to honestly reach out to the ‘deplorables’, they most likely will not get too many extra seats in this election.

Quebec Premier-elect Francois Legault got the mother-of-all-presents over the weekend.

Over 3,000 people turned out in Montreal to protest against the premier-elect’s first edict to ban all hijab, turban and yarmulke wearing men and women from visible government posts and teaching jobs. It appears that for now doctors are exempt.

Pictures showed hundreds of women with hijabs and a few niqabs, men in robes with taqiyahs, those coloured caps and a few visibly Orthodox Jews. Any French Canadian with even the slightest nationalistic tendency would look at those pictures and run to break down Legault’s door, to get this law into action immediately.

We are pretty sure we are not the only ones who looked at those pictures and thought Paris and Germany, where the influx of arabs over the past years has completely changed the face of those societies. In both places there are no-go zones where the police will not enter neighbourhoods which have their own shariah law.

Now for some reality checks. Does anyone think Legault will hire flunkies to physically remove hijab-wearing women out of day-cares where they are teaching? Do you think he wants those optics all over the world? No he doesn’t, but we bet he will fine, heavily, those who do not obey his orders and harass them on a continuous basis.

Batten down the hatches. The Clintons are doing a speaking tour and one of their stops is Montreal. The dynamic duo will hold joint conversations and share “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service. Will those stories include how she used her own server during her term as secretary of state?

Or will she describe how she made minced meat out of all the women Bill had ”dealings’ with? Or maybe enlighten the audience on how she got rid of Bernie Sanders during the democratic nominating process. Ah, such special people. If they paid us we would not go.

This was the headline in Montreal’s English newspaper today: Apathy Caused non Francophone vote to plummet. This is a perfect example of why one should believe half of what they hear and nothing of what they read.

Yes, many people did not vote, especially in English neighborhoods. What the article did not mention was that the early voting stations were, in Blanche’s area, a complete disaster, run by buffoons. Computers not working, waiting times to vote over two hours, blank faces when asked a question by those supposedly trained to answer said questions and offices chosen with no air conditioning when the temperature was close to 30 celsius, almost 90 Fahrenheit.

The reason that many people had to vote early was because the actual voting day fell out on a Jewish holiday. That meant the early voting stations were important and because they were so poorly run, many did not have the opportunity to vote. The author of the article in today’s paper did not do his homework.

What is the biggest crock going on in the world today? Climate change aka global warming.

A ‘major’ UN report says that the world has 12 years to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – otherwise we could see severe impacts of climate change by 2040. This report was written by almost 100 international experts on climate change, looking at more than 6,000 studies.

Seriously, severe impacts on climate change by 2040? Here’s something to ponder: Can the weather people get the forecast right over 24 hours? They say it will be sunny and warm and punkt! it’s raining. Or it will be cloudy and cool and it’s hot and sunny. A week ahead? Less than 50% chance they are correct.

100 international experts on climate change? Whoever those ‘experts’ are have the best jobs going. They get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make predictions that they will not have to answer to in their lifetime. 6,000 studies? How many people flew first class to get to study the climates in, oh, say Bermuda, Paris, New Zealand, Rome – pick your favourite place.

Donald Trump has it right. Climate change is the biggest and most expensive crock in decades. Those who are able to keep these reports going and keep the money flowing into their pockets are geniuses.

We’ll talk…

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