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When Is A Community Centre A Community Centre? When it’s not a mosque.

Make no mistake. We are not shilling for Donald Trump. And yet, when something is so blatantly blatant, we are going to comment.

The media is having a field day discussing Trump’s communications department. Sean Spicer is, according to reports, getting a promotion and will no longer be the face of the White House at press conferences. That’s fine. What is not fine is the media complaining that there are too many off-camera press conferences.

We will remind you that Hillary Clinton did not hold a press conference while campaigning for about 270 days.  She didn’t want to face anyone because of her ‘issues’ regarding emails.

We checked on Obama and saw that he had 1.72 press conferences per month. Got it? The media wants Trump out and they are moving heaven and earth to have their way. Here’s a headline: President Pence is not happening any time soon.

Blanche, we’re guessing that it’s never to late to wake up. The catholic church is requiring background checks and fingerprinting for priests. Good morning America.

We, as does the rest of the world, send their condolences to the Warmbier family on the death of their son Otto at the hands of the North Koreans. We do, however, have a question: If the US Department of State strongly recommends that it’s citizens not travel to North Korea, and have done so for many years, why did he go there? Usually the recommendations are simply not to go to a certain place. But this was a strong recommendation. Short of coming out and telling people you may never get out of there, there’s not much else they can do.

Here’s another headline: Stay away from the absolute worst country in the world. Don’t go there for vacation, to see the sights or to say you were brave enough to go. Find another place to travel.

Here’s a question which, if anyone can answer, please feel free: Why are mosques in Montreal called community centres? Why aren’t they called mosques like synagogues are called as such and churches are called churches.

And why aren’t government officials holding them accountable for that? They come and go in their garb which is fine. But why hide behind the terminology?

There’s a runoff election today in the 6th district in the state of Georgia. Blanche, don’t say you don’t care. Over $50 million has been spent so far by both candidates combined. What’s so special about this election that has every political pundit frothing at the mouth? It’s the first election of any kind since Trump was elected last November and it appears that this will be a big test.

Test of what you ask? The test of the reluctant Trump voter. Those who absolutely could not vote for Hillary and held their nose voting for Trump. Now we’ll see if they took off the nose plugs and will vote democrat now that Hillary’s gone or stay with Trump and his tweets. It will definitely be interesting to see who wins.

We can tell you who is very happy these days in Washington. Lawyers. Everybody has hired their own personal lawyer: Trump, Pence, Comey, now Jeff Sessions. We can assure you that these dudes don’t come cheap, especially as in Trump’s case when his lawyer was on every Sunday morning talk show. His main lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, a nice Jewish boy, charges $1500 per hour for regular cases. One can only imagine what he’s charging Trump. Be happy you’re not this guy: An electrician ‘accidentally’ punctured a hole in the ceiling of the New York Public Library. Doesn’t sound like such a big deal until you find out that they just spent $12 million restoring said ceiling and the rest of the place. Seems he lost his footing and something happened. Good thing he didn’t fall through the ceiling. Splat. Blanche, you’re not nice.

It’s so hot in Phoenix Arizona, about 120 farhrenheit, that planes cannot take off. You want the technical reason? In a nutshell, they can’t get a proper lift-off in such heat. Which in English and a simultaneous translation means they can’t get off the ground. Blanche, 120 degrees is insane.

Police ‘neutralized’ a person in the Brussels train station after he tried to blow himself and many others up. Neutralized is a nice way of saying they killed him. European vacations spots are getting narrower and narrower.

We’ll talk…

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