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Let’s start with the fact that we are a law-abiding citizen. Perhaps we went to one or two protests over the years, but that’s about it. Now read this first piece:

You may recall that last week we said we will not shop in any store that asks for a vaccine passport. Yesterday we had occasion to go to a shopping mall.

In said mall was a large store, two-floor store.  While walking to our destination (another store) we decided to see if we could find  a sweater or skirt. As we approached the store, we saw a young woman standing at the entrance asking for vaccine passports.

When she asked for our passport we responded: “We are vaccinated, did what the government asked of us and there is no reason to have to show our ‘passport’ as it is offensive. Plus it is divisive and emperor legault said he doesn’t want to divide society.” “Sorry, then you can’t enter the store.” “Call the police” and in we walked.

We walked around knowing that someone was going to ask us to leave. Sure enough, a largey, burly man approached us asking for said vaccine passport. We gave him the same shpiel as the young girl in the front of the store and refused to show it. “You have to leave the store,’ he said.

“No problem” we responded but…as we were leaving, slowly did a tour of the store with this genius following us around. To say these edicts are not based on science is even ridiculous to write. It is based on politics and approval ratings.

Explain this: In the smaller stores, where people are one on top of the other or in the public areas of the mall there is no covid. Only in large stores with few people? And you wonder what the truckers are angry about?

A few months ago, Peng Shuai was one of the highest ranking tennis players in the world. Then she told the truth and is now ‘retired’.  Just to remind everyone, Shuai comes from China who is now holding the olympics which we will not watch.

In November she wrote a lengthy post that Zhang Gaoli, a former vice premier and member of the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee, had forced her to be intimate with him, despite repeated refusals.

After that post she disappeared. Literally. Two days ago she did her first sit-down interview with chinese ‘aides’ in the room. Below is part of her ‘interview’:

“Sexual assault? I never said that anyone made me submit to a sexual assault. This post resulted in an enormous misunderstanding from the outside world,” she said. “My wish is that the meaning of this post no longer be skewed.”

Asked by interviewer why the post disappeared from Peng’s account, she said: “I erased it. Why? Because I wanted to,” she added. There is no doubt that her entire family was threatened if she didn’t do and say what the chinese government wanted her to do.

As we said before, anyone who watches any part of those games is contributing the sick, sick place that is called China.

Now let’s talk about liberal, save-the-planet-turtles-trees-defund-the-police states like California. If you live in the Bay Area of San Francisco, all of the uber-liberal bs you ate over the past few years is now coming to bite you.

The Bay area is made up of five counties and has – get this – no less than 30,000 homeless people. Clearly there are not enough homeless shelters or dorms to accommodate all those people so…residents are now being asked to take the homeless people into their homes.

And here’s where NIMBY – not-in-my-backyard fits perfectly. Sending in art-therapists to ‘talk’ to someone who is holding a woman hostage with a gun or robbing a store is insanity. The police are needed.

It appears that losing one’s home is not the only reason there are so many homeless people. Uber liberal California invited them to come. They are not indigenous to the area. Why? Because instead of encouraging people to get jobs, they spent millions of dollars to keep them fed and on drugs, going so far as giving them clean needles and places to shoot up.

They made life very comfortable by forcing Starbucks and other stores to allow them to use their restrooms. Get this one: The public library has a special social worker who distributes vouchers for showers so they won’t use the library restrooms for this reason.

There’s a very good adage that fits here: If you give a poor person a fish to eat he will be full until the next meal. But if you give him a fishing rod and teach him to fish, he will be able to feed himself forever.

Enabling homelessness is dead wrong and does a huge disservice to the homeless and everyone else in society.

Justin finally emerged from hiding and being ‘safe’ from trucks. Aside from saying this has got to stop, we won’t repeat the rest. You get the gist of what an airhead prime minister looks and sounds like.  Rather we will remind you of something. Right after 9/11 the United States was fearful of another terrorist attack. Did they run and hide? No. Did the president run to Camp David to be ‘safe’? No. They had a plan and executed it. They ringed government buildings with garbage trucks, making it impossible for a car or truck to ram the building.

Lest you think this truck convoy is only in Ottawa think again. It is across Canada and growing. People have jobs and need to make a living but decided that they have had enough of politicians issuing laws with no skin in the game and… no one is listening to them. Guess what? Now everyone is listening.

Back to Ottawa: We cannot fathom what Justin was doing for the month before the trucks arrived in Ottawa. Everyone and their cat knew this convoy was on the way. Everyone knows there’s one large street in front of the parliament buildings.

He hid away in his cottage and like a frightened gopher, pretending the trucks were not coming. Instead of simply blocking the street and pushing the trucks to a park, he hid like a coward. Peeps – we have no leadership in this country.

Then there’s an elected Liberal MP by the name of Joel Lightbound. Today he broke ranks with Justin. One of the things he said that will resonate with everyone is this: …More than a dozen developed countries have started to do away with restrictions. It’s reasonable to rethink Canada’s COVID-19 approach as it becomes increasingly clear that the world will be dealing with this virus for years to come.

He went on to say that COVID-19-related restrictions have wreaked havoc for too long and the federal government needs to provide some sort of “roadmap” for lifting pandemic measures, such as the strict limits on travel. He said measures that were reasonable in a previous phase of the pandemic should not be “normalized with no end in sight.”

Emperor legault also spoke today. Together with seeing the wall with the writing and most likely panicked that the truck convoy will soon be heading to Montreal, he realized that it’s high time to end his political health measures.

He still did not put an end to the vaccine passport mandate to get into stores. If he wants to stop dividing his population, that better happen very soon.

What didn’t we hear today? From either Justin or the emperor? When are they going to address the root of all the edicts – our catastrophic failed health care system. That is real and that is affecting all of Canada.

We’ll talk…

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