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Where Were You 40 Years Ago?

In case you didn’t know yet, Israel has found the mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of Eyal, Naftali and Gilad. He is a resident of Hevron and along with two other men, both part of hamas, orchestrated the kidnapping. To lure the boys into their car, they dressed as religious Jews.  All during the three week search hamas said they knew nothing about these boys. Again they lied and again the world is silent.

There is a 72 hour cease fire which seems to have taken hold as the red alert on our phone has been silent all day. We can only imagine the relief, even if it is temporary, of the people living in the south of Israel. Over the past few weeks they have literally been bombarded day and night with rockets.

A surprising televised report by the Christian Broadcasting Company featured voices seldom heard – Gazans with harsh words for the Hamas government and a yearning for peace with Israel. In a poll taken days before the conflict began, 70 per cent of Gazans supported better relations with the Jewish state. Could someone please make sure the CNN sees this video?

It could be that sooner than anyone thinks, CNN will be exposed by none other than the gazans themselves. Had the reporting been truthful, perhaps not so many people would have been killed. Had gazans not been afraid to come forward before the rockets started firing into Israel, many of their children would still be alive today. It suited CNN to portray this war as completely one-sided, ignoring the facts on the ground. The truth will come out and CNN will, one day, be exposed for what they are – a mouthpiece for the tree-hugging liberals in America who, for whatever their warped reasons, despise the only democracy in the middle east, Israel. Liberalism truly is a sickness.

Here’s something to be a tad nervous about. A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion username and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses.The records, discovered by Hold Security, a firm in Milwaukee, include confidential material gathered from 420,000 websites. It seems that some big companies know they were hacked and are not coming forward to alert their customers. That’s disgusting.

Obama gave Israel a birthday present. Yes Blanche, it was Obama’s 53rd birthday recently and he signed into law a measure providing $225 million in emergency aid to Israel for its Iron Dome system. Ya gotta take gifts when they come.

Before you get excited that maybe he changed, read on. Today he committed $33 billion aimed at ‘shifting U.S. ties with Africa beyond humanitarian aid and toward more equal economic partnerships’.

Can we talk? More economic partnerships? Who is he kidding? Until boka haram is brought under control as well as all the other tribal wars going on all over Africa, not much is going to be bought or sold. Unless of course he considers machetes and other weapons part of the economy.

On Thursday September 18 there will be a referendum in Scotland whether or not they should secede from Great Britain.  Imagine that their question is normal and easy to understand: Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes Blanche, dat’s da question. No long, protracted, confusing paragraphs. Simple and straight to the point.

They also have a website that tells you everything that will happen if Scotland votes to leave Great Britain. If the vote is no from the public, the question is over and done with. The people will vote and the answer will be recognized. Honest and refreshing. None of what we were subjected to in the guise of the charter of values. Ich, feh.

Where were you on August 14, 1974? That’s the day Richard Nixon left the White House after resigning a few days earlier. Remember him  flashing that famous peace sign as he boarded the helicopter on the White House lawn? I am not a crook. Or his other great line to the press: You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.

Yes Blanche, it’s 40 years since Watergate. For us, it was our initiation into the world of politics. Below are some of the major players:

G. Gordon Liddy, general counsel to the Committee for the Re-Election of the President (CRP) John Mitchell, attorney general The Plumbers – the five cubans who broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Complex, ultimately sparking Nixon’s impeachment John Dean, presidential counsel Jeb Magruder, acting chairman of the CRP Rosemary Woods, Nixon’s secretary and the woman who allegedly erased the key 18 minutes on one of those tapes John Ehrlichman, Nixon aide Deep Throat, the person that Woodward and Bernstein would meet in a garage somewhere in Washington to glean insider information as to what was transpiring in the White House during this time. 30 years later it was revealed that Mark Felt, a former FBI agent was in fact deep throat.

More to come on this in the next few weeks. This was just a refresher course.

We’ll talk…

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