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What exactly does Pascal Dery think she is going to accomplish by being one of the six 'sargeants' bowing down to kiss the ring of the Mr. Jean Francois Roberge, minister responsible for the 'status of french'? He, along with the czar legault have created yet another layer of bureaucracy to further Bill 96, this version called the 'action group' to take urgent action.

Czar legault is already spending an obscene amount of money on a problem that he dreamed up to deflect from what really ails this province. Let's start with not enough teachers anywhere, then move on to the thousands of people have no doctor because he only lets in french speaking people.

Roberge and the czar created an 'action group' for what? To make sure people speak only french here? Madame Dery - do you think that's urgent? This is a problem that doesn't exist.

In la belle province of quebec French people speak French at home. English people speak English at home. Italians speak Italian at home. Haitians speak Creole at home. But everyone who shops anywhere knows that everyone speaks both - English and French. And you know why? Because everyone just wants to make a living and get on with their lives so we all get along - or at the very least try to.

How about this Madame Dery - minister of higher education in this province - the dropout rate of french teens is insane. There are not enough teachers for the number of students. The schools are a physical disaster. During covid when everyone and their uncle all over the world had hepa filters in classrooms, we were told to open the windows in -20 in the winter. And what you are doing about this? Being busy with an 'action group' to bolster the ego of the czar and his minions?

Madame Dery as a Jewish woman we will remind you that you are now in bed and cozying up with the same people who passed a law making sure visible Jews were banned from certain government and other jobs. All the in the name of a 'secular' society - a very dangerous road. Where is your line Madame Dery?

Never in our history did anything good come from trying very to be 'one of them'. Germany would be a perfect example. Jews who tried to be more German than the Germans were the first ones they went after.

It doesn't matter who 'them' is and it never worked. The czar and people like Roberge will always look at you as a Jewish Sephardic woman. You are not one of the 'them' and you never will be.

And being part of this six person cabal will come back to haunt you in your own community and beyond. You have sold your soul. Disgusting.

North American media is calling what happened in Israel last Friday and Saturday as shootings. They were not shootings. They were cold-blooded executions. An arab male murdered seven Jewish men, women and children as they were leaving their synagogue on Friday night. He badly wounded many more.

On Shabbos a man and his son were walking in Jerusalem and they were attacked. Thank

G-d the father had a gun was able to defend himself.

Israel is now telling anyone who has a gun to carry it and is easing the laws for people to be able to get guns. Not nearly far enough.

The mother of the dead arab who murdered those Jewish souls was celebrating in East Jerusalem. Last we looked, East Jerusalem is in Israel. She and her entire family do not deserve to live anywhere in Israel. As well, many arabs who live in East Jerusalem work in Jerusalem proper and they seem to have been emboldened by what happened. Those who were caught were fired.

Here's what Israel has to do: Not only destroy her house, but evict her and her entire extended family, put them in a truck and drop them on the Syrian border. Let's see how happy she'll be about what her son did then.

As Golda Meir said - when they love their children as much as they hate us there will be peace. Right now, that seems a very long way off.

The gross video of Memphis black police beating another black man to death is impossible to watch. What is completely mind-boggling is that the five policemen were all black and that is being danced around by all media outlets. They are trying to focus on the fact that they were policemen. The media certainly can't call this racism.

This is about human beings - black and white - who have lost all sense of humanity. Even animals don't randomly kill other animals the way those policemen killed that man. Animals kill other animals for two reasons: for food or because they will be killed.

The United States has to take a long hard look at themselves. One of the places to start is the woke bs culture. Allowing people to pretend that they are women when they are men fosters a society where nothing has any meaning. And that includes beating a man to death just because they want to.

Those five men will be charged with murder. But that's too late for the man they murdered. It's time for the United States to go back to basics. It's time to call out people like AOC and Bernie Sanders and all the other liberal bleeding heart democrats for egging on the woke bs culture. They also have blood on their hands.

The United States is broken. It needs someone to put the pieces back together. Someone not afraid to speak the truth. We're not sure who that person is but we sure hope he or she emerges quickly.

Justin's behavior is beginning to border on complete ignorance. His completely skewed view of the middle east and Israel's role, as the one and only democracy in the region is jaw-dropping.

Canada's response to last Friday night's bloodbath:

Canada is gravely concerned by the alarming rise of tensions in Israel, the West Bank & Gaza. We strongly condemn violence impacting innocent Israeli & Palestinian civilians, incl. recent events in Jenin.

Including recent events in Jenin??? Terrorist cells were dealt with. Not civilians. Not a word about seven people leaving a synagogue murdered in cold blood by an arab.

Jews who support Justin because they always voted liberal need to look in the mirror. As do organizations like Federation who fawn all over him. As one astute political pundit wrote:

"A raid on Islamic Jihad in Jenin is not the same as the slaughter of innocents at prayer in Jerusalem."

This what is called thinly veiled anti-semitism. Again we ask the question: Anthony Housefather - as a Jew, how do you work for this man?

Another country that has lost its mind is Australia. We're not surprised as they were locked down for about 3 years during covid and their leaders clearly lost some brain cells.

They have now decided that they will no longer accept that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The truth is they only accepted West Jerusalem, never east Jerusalem which was bad enough.

Under its previous center-right government, Australia provided strong support to Israel at the United Nations. It nearly always voted alongside the United States to oppose the annual resolutions targeting Israel that are one-sided, unbalanced.

And now, Labor activists are seeking the unilateral recognition by Australia of a 'state of Palestine'.

Another country that can't see the forest for the trees. They can't see that every other country in the middle east is run like a fiefdom? That for the most part women have less than zero rights? That Israel is the only democracy in the entire region?

Australia, like Pascal Dery is getting into bed with some very dangerous people. In the end they will all come running back but it may be too late.

We'll talk...

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