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Why Trump is Really Putting the Screws to Canada

Before everyone starts saying what a jerk Trump is vis-a-vis negotiating the new trade deal with Canada, read what our chief negotiator said this past June. We will remind you that Trump disliked her from the get-go. After you read this, you will fully understand why he is putting the screws to Canada.

In June of this year Freeland received the prestigious Diplomat of the Year Award from Foreign Policy Magazine.

In her acceptance speech, she directly addressed Americans in the room, raising concerns about the direction the United States has been taking under the Trump administration. She criticized America’s approach to international relations including trade, tariffs, and key alliances like NATO.

Now, how do you think this went over in Washington? We’ll tell you. Not well. Both U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and President Trump viewed the speech as an insult, not only targeting their administration publicly, but doing so on their turf in Washington.

Jump to the present. It is this same Chrysta Freeland who is now going in, yet again, to try to get a deal on whatever NAFTA is now called. Can we also ask why she is rushing back from Europe – at your expense – when she knew very well that the NAFTA talks could begin at any time. We cannot decide who is more irresponsible or totally ignorant of the current situation in the United States – Trudeau or Freeland. Your tax dollars being wasted.

As we said, what used to be NAFTA is now coming down to two things: steel and the dairy cartel. It appears Trump will no longer tolerate US dairy products banned from being exported into Canada because of the greed of a few dairy farmers here. As the saying goes, life as they knew it is over. Happens to the best of us.

Justin, as Trump calls Trudeau, is now between a rock and hard place. If he caves into Trump and kills supply management, the dairy cartel will kill him in the next election. If he doesn’t cave in, Trump will simply show him to the door.

Our educated guess is that he will say yes to ending supply management, but over a period of years, hoping that Trump will not get elected again in 2020. The issue is that Trump wants this done before the New Mexican president takes office, giving zero wiggle room. We are not quite sure what the big rush is, as the new President of Mexico does not take office until December 1. That seems to be moot point to Trump as he has made this coming Friday some kind of deadline for Canada.

The key word in the Quebec election campaign is free. Free daycare for four-year-olds, free medical, schooling, babysitting – you name it from Quebec Solidaire. Doubling money from the government for people who have two or three children.

Here’s a headline: There is zero that is true in these promises. Whoever wins the election will take power and then, zut alors, look at the books and say the following:”We had no idea how bad things were. Therefore we are sorry to tell you that none of our promises can be kept.”

Believe not a word of what any of these politicians are saying. As we get closer to election Day, if the Liberal party cannot shore up support, they will lose their pants, shirts and seats. But don’t vote for the CAQ for what they are promising as you will be sorely disappointed.

And now for your aggravating moment of the day: Both Air Canada and Westjet are raising their baggage fees. The first checked bag goes to $30 from $25, and your second bag to $50 from $30. Do we get an inch more legroom? Nope. One day someone will wake up and begin regulating how much gouging the airlines can do.

If this is true, even partially, the media going after Trump/collusion/Russia is truly an attempt to run him out office. While he, Trump, may not be the brightest tool in the shed, he’s street smart and to get him out of the White House trying to make up information won’t work.

It seems that all of Hillary’s emails were read by none other than the Chinese. Not the Russians. It also appears that Peter Strzok, the FBI’s top counterintelligence official knew and sat on the information. He did nothing, no doubt hoping to get a cushy position in the White House once Hillary was elected president.

Alas, things did not work out as planned and Strzok is now out of a job, Hillary is tending her garden in the Hamptons and the Chinese are still laughing. We wonder when this will begin to be investigated.

We’ll talk…

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