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Winter in July?? Say it ain’t so Blanche.

Sirens are going off in Israel 24 hours a day. Hamas has upped their missile status as they are now able to hit deep into the heart of Israel. Jerusalem was hit twice, Tel Aviv numerous times and the Eilat beachfront has been evacuated due to a suspected incursion. No one is allowed to leave their hotel.

Tonight it was reported that ISIS, who said they would not get involved in this conflict, were seen firing missiles from Gaza. As always in these encounters, the arabs embed themselves in schools, hospitals and heavily populated areas. That means that they are firing their missiles from a school yard, regardless of the fact that Israel will find out where they came from and retaliate on that spot. Earlier this afternoon Israel dropped leaflets on Gaza border towns telling over 100,000 people to evacuate immediately. Sounds like Israel is going in on the ground. Jews value life, arabs do not. Hard to fight a war with people like that. We have one weapon on our side that no one else has. G-d. Let us pray for the safety of our soldiers and for our family and friends living through days of fear and uncertainty.

Edward Snowden’s one year visa to stay is Russia is up at the end of July and he has applied for another visa. He has kept a very low profile while in Russia. His whereabouts are kept secret for his own protection and his movements furtive. What a life, eh?

Does Rob Ford honestly think at this point people are going to vote for him? The latest in a string of fordisms is one of his lowest. While in ‘rehab’ he verbally attacked people in his group session to the point that he was banned from attending. It turns out as well that he may have been drinking the entire time he was there. So really all he did was lose some weight. Whoopti do.

The best is that he says his addiction is really a disease ergo he’s not really responsible for his actions. Ya can’t have it both ways dude. If you have a disease in which your judgement is affected, then ya can’t hold a public office like mayor because your actions are skewed by your disease. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

We happened to watch part of the world soccer tournament. Can we talk? Are the fans out of their minds, cause if they’re not, they have some serious personality issues. Hello??? It’s a game. Their lives do not depend on their team winning or losing. It is obvious that the fans must lead pretty boring lives if they have to resort to the antics they do when their teams win or lose.

Remember when you last boarded a plane the flight attendant asked everyone to turn off their electronic devices? Well ladies and gentlemen, you will now be asked to please turn on your device. Especially when going through security. So now  while someone scans your body and, oh by the way, sees you naked, you will have to keep your phone on.

Imagine the scene: Lilly and Morris are going through security. Lilly dropped her phone way to the bottom of her purse and Morris has his phone deep in his pocket. The agent tells them to find their phones and turn them on. How long do you think that will take? Yes Blanche, a while. Behind Lilly and Morris are Irving and Ethel. Same story. Behind them are Yankel and Bertha. You get the picture. Those long security lines are about to become impossible. You were warned. Get there early.

The weather is back in your life. Remember this winter’s polar vortex? Well, it’s making a summer appearance. Yes Blanche, it’s going to get pretty cold next week. Seems like the high will be in the teens and at night it’s going to get mighty chilly – down to single digit numbers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. And get a blanket for your tomatoes.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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