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Yes Dear, It’s the Polar Vortex. Not the Polar Bear.

If you work for the government, are a teacher, police officer or Crown prosecutor, you may be spared by Legault from either removing your yarmulke while working or quitting your job and going to do a desk job where no one will see you in your ‘religious garb’.

It’s called the grandfather clause, meaning that if you are already working, the government won’t fire you or let you go for wearing said yarmulke. Special eh?

Premier François Legault wants to send a message – we are guessing to the rest of the world as we will be the only place in the world to do this – that those in authority can’t wear religious symbols while working with the public. This is what they are worried about? Not health care? Not the fact that there are not enough doctors? Or that much of the infrastructure is crumbling? Pea-brains.

The two new buzz words are polar vortex. The temperature in Fahrenheit in Chicago and Minnesota is -60 with the wind chill. Many people lost power and others were asked to drop their home thermometers to 55 to conserve electricity, which is basically like freezing in your house.

Everyone knows that Al Gore made his fortune promoting global warming, good for him but a hoax. When that didn’t pan out, the name was changed to climate change.

Emerging research suggests that a warming Arctic is causing changes in the jet stream and pushing polar air down to latitudes that are unaccustomed to them and often unprepared. The key word here is ‘suggests’. No one really knows what’s going on and from time immemorial there have been freezing cold spells, steaming heat, forest fires, floods and earthquakes. Climate change or not, this is how the world works.

As anyone can attest, the weather is totally unpredictable. The forecasters predict a snowstorm and it passes just to the east or west. Climate change is a manufactured name for something that cannot really be described or pinpointed.

Here’s a tip: In the winter wear a winter coat. If it’s very, very cold, dress warmer. In the summer, put away your winter coat and if it gets very very hot, stay in an air conditioned place.

Here’s something very interesting to keep tabs on: Wikileaks took a shot at the very, very secretive Vatican. They published information that was already out there, adding some of their own. While the information is not that exciting, what is enticing is that Wikileaks is a) still around and b) getting their little fingers on the Vatican, which up until now has been off limits. Stay tuned.

Don’t say Blanche doesn’t give you a heads up on important matters. While cannabis may be legal in Canada, you best not travel to these places with it or you will either be beheaded, thrown into jail for many years or just shot. Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and South Korea, who has threatened to prosecute any of its citizens who happen to consume pot while visiting Canada and they find out about it. Like the boys scouts say, be prepared.

This piece takes the cake. Members of Legault’s infamous CAQ party are going to be receiving training on how to smell out and avoid corruption. Seriously? They can’t figure out that if someone is in a meeting with you and they quietly move an envelope to your side of the table it’s a bribe?

Or you suddenly get offered a vacation to the French Riveria because someone wants something from you? Blanche, don’t you sometimes wonder how dumb people can be? In this case we don’t have to wonder.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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