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Yet Another Tragic Day In Europe

Make no mistake. The attacks today in Belgium were a direct hit on western civilization. European nations knew something  was coming but it is impossible to protect every soft target, which the departure area in every airport in the world is.

Security starts after one has checked their luggage in. The terrorists did their homework, methodically and meticulously. The departure area is a soft target with little, if any security. Same with the subway. People run in and out on their way to work. Little if any security is there save a few soldiers watching hundreds of people with backpacks.

You can bet your bippy that departure areas in all airports will look very different the next time you travel. And that will be just the beginning.

Like it or not, the more these attacks happen, the more people will look at muslims one way: not every muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a muslim. The headlines everywhere are the same: Europe is under seige. Here’s another headline for everyone: The world is under siege. We in North America are not immune from these kinds of attacks. The difference is that  EU has open borders, although of late the borders have been better monitored.

Although it has been kept relatively quiet, it is no secret that Germany lost track of hundreds of thousands of refugees. They simply vanished. Coupled with open borders, Europe has set itself up for these attacks. We wonder if our liberal Prime Minister Trudeau will be singing a different tune vis-a-vis bringing in ‘Syrian’ refugees. Rob Ford, the illustrious mayor of Toronto died today at the young age of 46. No matter what stupid things he did in his life, it’s way to young to die. You may be asking where the president of the United States was today. Well, he’s still in Cuba, hobnobbing with Castro who has not much use for him. There are rumors floating around that Cuba is going sue the United States for billions for reparations for years of abuse. Did you know that Obama commented on the terrorist attacks in Belgium while watching a baseball game? Really, he’s special. Blanche will fess up. We looked at the Federal budget tabled today and got dizzy. The only thing that caught our eye was the Robin Hood business. Take from the rich to feed the poor. A classic Liberal action. If you need hard-core information on how much you will save or be taxed, call your accountant. We watched both Kasich and Trump speak at the AIPAC conference. When Cruz began to speak we got hives and left the room. By far Kasich spoke the best. It seems it’s the first time he gave a formal speech and although he read much of it, he sounded believable.

Trump was Trump although he also had a prepared speech. He actually made some sense and spoke a lot less about himself.

We had to get the barf bag out when we read today that AIPAC wants to apologize to Obama after the crowd there cheered when Trump opened his speech with a celebration of Obama’s impending end to his presidency. Here’s a headline for the heavy-hitters in AIPAC: Obama is not getting re-elected again. He’s out. Kaput. Done. And one more headline: He doesn’t give a rats what AIPAC thinks or does. Honestly, Blanche cannot stand people who pander to those who sincerely don’t care what we do or don’t do. Bleeding heart liberals, save the whales, save the trees.

We have to return to the Belgium terrorist attacks. Can you take a wild guess what Cruz said Americans should do? Increase police patrols in Arab neighborhoods in America. And that’s why we get hives when he speaks. What a stupid thing to say. Like terrorists are leaving a note on the door in homes where they are planning attacks for the police to see. Oh wait, from a police car they can check who’s who in the zoo. None of the above.

With remarks like he just gave, it’s pretty obvious he’s outta his league and has given zero thought to the fact the ALL of western civilization is under attack.

A group of former contractors who performed construction work at the Jewish General Hospital were charged on Tuesday with 78 counts of tax fraud and are accused of engaging in false billing and obtaining illegal tax refunds from the government.

The charges followed a marathon investigation by provincial police that included raids at several Montreal businesses.  We ask you: do people not think they will get caught doing these things? How greedy can one get? From the sounds of these charges, very greedy indeed.

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