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Next Monday December 4 there is a national rally happening in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. People are coming from all over Canada - Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal etc.

Many of those in attendance will not be Jewish. Why are they bothering to come?

Because they clearly understand what is happening - Israelis are fighting for everyone's freedom, for the luxury we all take for granted of living in western civilization.

Yes, it's December. Yes, it will be cold. But for an hour we will show Justin that a) he should have already gone to Israel to show support and b) he's dead wrong in all that he is saying that Israel must 'go easy' on gaza because of the 'poor palestinians'.

Here's a headline for that dufus Justin: Many of those 'poor palestinians' are the ones who are holding Israeli hostages like trophies.

Frankly, we cannot believe what a fool he is. He has yet to watch the video compiled by the IDF of the glee and joy hamas took in their savage atrocities done to men, women and children.

Justin is not a leader. He is a weak, pathetic idiot.

Here is the link to register for the rally:

This past weekend yet another Montreal Jewish school was defaced and a molotov cocktail thrown at the door of Montreal's Jewish community center.

Did we hear a word from Montreal's mayor Plante? Yes - she kindly threw the Jewish community a bone tweeting out some hollow words written by one of her missives.

Did we hear a word from the her anti-racism anti discrimination genius borcha manai? She didn't even know it happened. She was too busy supporting hamas and running to rallies.

We are not fans of legault at all. But a couple of weeks ago when hamas supporters blocked a bridge in Montreal, he made sure to go right over Madame Plante's head and end it quickly. Bridges belong to the federal government and as such he made sure to take care of business by doing an end run around Madame Plante.

Quebec provincial police took charge and threw the benches that were used to block the bridge into the St. Lawrence. Within an hour the 'protest' was over. If Plante would have had to deal with the protest, that bridge would have been blocked for hours and hours.

She's busy with bike lanes and running around the world - on your dime - to see how other cities deal with 'climate change'. Spare us. She lives in her own little cloud surrounded by all the droplets who feed her what they feed mushrooms. BS.

Defunding the CBC is too good for them. It's time to put everyone out of our collective misery and shut the entire place down.

That they cannot say the word terrorist when referring to hamas and the October 7 massacre or calling hostages ripped from their homes detainees has crossed the line.

As well, those who are making these disgusting decisions should be given a one-way ticket to gaza which will make certain that we never have to pay their salaries again. Let them join Montreal's anti-racism anti-discrimination idiot bochra manai with them. They all deserve each other.

Elon Musk made his way to Israel this week. Guess what? He's singing a different tune because he saw with his own eyes what happened. Now what he should do is stop all anti-Semitic tweets on x.

The question is does he have the kahoonas to do that? Or is he afraid literally for his life if he actually takes a stand?

He knew if he spoke out against Israel nothing would happen to him physically. Yes, advertisers left him but seriously, did it make a dent?

It's a whole different kettle of fish if he speaks out against hamas and we're pretty sure after visiting the kibbutzim that were attacked and witnessing the viciousness of those attacks, he knows he would be a flashing target.

He learned that Israel values life and hamas needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Let's see what he does with this knowledge.

We'll talk...

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