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You Wanted a Liberal Prime Minister? You Got One In All His Entitled Glory.

An edict issued by the government of Canada dated July 11, 2017 announcing a ban on wines coming from the ‘occupied territories’ in Israel has been retracted. It appears the directive was a mistaken decision made at the bureaucratic level with no knowledge or direction from political staff or the Minister.

Blanche, while it may not have reached the appropriate Minister or Trudeau, the bureaucrat who did issue this directive is obviously following BDS directives closely. That person should be called on the carpet.

While the l’affaire wine has bitten the dust, Trudeau has still been nauseatingly busy. He quietly gave $20m of your tax dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Here’s the blurb, which by the way makes no sense:

Clinton Health Access Initiative: SRHR (Sexual reproductive health) for adolescents and young women – Nigeria – $20 million (2017 to 2021) The proposed project will improve access to SRH choices for young women and adolescent girls through an innovative approach that engages both the public and private sector in expanding spaces where services and products are both accessible and meet their family planning needs.

He also gave a total of $40m to ‘Humanitarian and fragile’ settings watched over by the United Nations. That’s like giving money to the wolf who is watching over the henhouse.

Canadians wanted a liberal in power? They got one in spades. He could be the biggest tree-hugging, save-the-whale, climate-saver leader in the world and he’s spending your tax money like it’s water.

And speaking of saving the planet and whales… environmentalists are losing their minds. You know the latest thing that will save our planet? Not having children. You know why? While the data is somewhat sketchy, it appears that the emissions of a child and all their descendants is not healthy for the planet.

No Blanche, this is not an April Fools joke. People actually sat in a room thinking up these idiotic ideas. There’s not much to say here other than tree-huggers have to be saved from themselves.

Ever hear of the Fleuve-Montagne? No? We will enlighten you. It’s a 3.8 km pedestrian link/supposed tourist attraction between the St. Lawrence River and Mount Royal. In other words it’s a fancy sidewalk with trees and plants.

Now guess how much this costs? $56.6 million of your tax dollars.

Politicians are completely and totally unaccountable for anything they do. What a great job, eh? It’s as though they get into office, look at all that money, pull out their starter pistol and start spending until they are out of office. The cost of anything no concern of theirs. We’re the plebs who supply the money through taxes and they are the entitled ones who get to spend the money. We want that job.

Melania Trump got the memo, French President Macron’s wife Brigitte didn’t. The Trumps are in Paris for Bastille day and there was a picture snapped of Melania and Brigitte. No contest there.

Not to be catty – but we will be, Brigitte Macron looked like she was ready to play tennis in her white outfit while Melania looked every bit the elegant first lady. Goes to show that just because you live in Paris doesn’t mean you have good taste.

Verizon confirmed that the personal data of 6 million customers has leaked online. The security issue was caused by a misconfigured security setting on a cloud server due to “human error.”

The ‘error’ made customer phone numbers, names, and some PIN codes publicly available online. Uh oh.

So what are you supposed to do if you are a Verizon user? For starters – and right now – change your password and don’t use ‘password’ as your password.

It also goes without saying that if someone from a ‘bank’ calls you, hang up. Don’t verify any numbers they may be reading out to you, which will no doubt be correct. Got it?

According to researchers at the University of California, the sense of smell can influence metabolism … in adult mice. They studied three groups of rodents – normal mice, “super-smellers” and mice unable to perceive odour – and found a link between smell and metabolism.

The three groups were all subjected to the same high-fat, “Burger King diet”. All mice gained weight but the “super-smellers” gained the most. The smell-deficient mice burned the excess fat, gaining just 10 per cent of their weight.

This does not auger well for Blanche and other foodies. Almost as good as tasting the food are the aromas. We are super-smellers and proud of it. If we are going to gain weight just by smelling, we may as well enjoy the food and eat it. Mercifully, mice are not humans so this may just be a ‘rodent’ business.

On the other hand, if there is a modicum of truth here, holding your nose to lose weight is a lot easier than weighing and measuring.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr. sounds plausible. What he was thinking to meet with a Russian lawyer is another story.

Given the above, does Billy-Bob in Kentucky care about the Russians or does he care where he’s getting his next fried chicken sandwich with all the trimmins’ or if he will have insurance when his wife Dot has an ear infection. We will let you be the judge of what’s going on here.

When the media starts investigating Hillary and Bill’s secret server in their house, we will take them seriously.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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