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Looks like people are getting really, really fed up with the whole woke culture bs. Bud Light/aka Anheuser Busch was the first one to lose tons of money for being political instead of just selling beer.

Target has now become, pardon the expression - a target of the same thing.

They decided, first after loading up their stores on woke culture bs merchandise, to remove some 'items' from its stores. They are making changes to its lgbtq+ merchandise nationwide ahead of Pride month after intense backlash from some customers who confronted workers and tipped over displays. Really? We wonder why.

The 'items' involved were children's and babies clothing with the lgbtq+ woke culture rainbow clothing, many of those items emblazoned with the word 'queer'. Are you kidding? Target is pandering to parents with babies and toddlers with this manure?

Wait. Next on the hit list will be North Face - as seen on the man pictured above. What you see above is their 'posterboy' - a very happy gay dude dressed and made up to look like a woman - aka drag queen. Can we talk?

We want to know when clothing manufacturers, beer companies and stores decided to include politics with whatever they are peddling? Since when did transgender, gay, binary - take your pick - come along with buying a winter coat?

Here's a headline for all those peeps who are doing this: It's going over like a lead balloon. Billie-Boy and his wife Millie want to go to Target, buy their baby Ace his sleepers in - oh, the color blue - and go home to their trailer.

They are not interested in rainbows, drag queens or the word queer written on Ace's pajamas. Pushing woke culture bs is proving to be as popular as a unclogging a blocked toilet in Grand Central Station after rush hour.

We have said over and over again how arrogant the czar legault is. One of the main reasons is that he has less than zero opposition. One has to wonder why the liberal party doesn't just fold and reinvent themselves. They have completely and totally disappeared from the political scene in Quebec. How the mighty fall.

Back to arrogance. Anybody living in quebec knows that aside from giving themselves massive raises, the government here is dysfunctional. They rolled out a new website renew driver's licenses etc and it crashed, never to be seen again. You want a license? Suck it up.

Power failures are a daily occurance in Montreal. 'Equipment failure' is always the reason. The real reason is that our electrical grid is clearly old, tired and has never been upgraded.

Now we hear from the arrogant transport minister. Fixing roads in Montreal has become a game of cat and mouse. If you are lucky enough to find out where and when a highway will be closed, well, you basically have won the lottery.

Alas, last weekend thousands of people did not win that lottery and sat in their cars, many en route to the airport for flights, for no less than five hours. The response of the transport minister: It's your own fault. You didn't check 511 - the map of where construction is happening on a minute by minute basis. What? No one ever - ever - went to 511 because it's run like everything else in this province - poorly - and that's a good word.

Arrogant, self-serving politicians with no opposition is the perfect recipe for a full-out dictatorship. Which is what we have now in quebec.

No, the grass is not greener on the other side. Every place has its own issues. But...most places have voices to hold the people in power somewhat accountable. Here? Silence.

Seriously peeps - we almost have a crystal ball. What do you think we read about Harry and Meghan yesterday? That he lost his legal challenge over security.

It appears he has been paying privately for his security and asked for permission that this should be reversed. It was rejected because he is no longer a working royal.

That could be one of the understatements of the year. Not a working royal? He's out of the firm. Banished. We wonder what kind of allowance he's getting from his father. We're also guessing he's hoping that his book Spare is going to make him some gelt. Most likely not.

Turns out conflicting accounts of what Harry and Meghan's spokesperson described as a "near catastrophic car chase" resulting in "multiple near collisions" have emerged since the incident have emerged.

New York police said "numerous photographers" had made the couple's journey from an awards ceremony on Tuesday evening "challenging", but added there had been "no reported collisions, summonses, injuries, or arrests".

A taxi driver who briefly drove them suggested their spokesperson's account was "exaggerated", while some photographers involved have denied parts of it.

Then there's Ron DeSantis. Or, as he is now referred to - Ron Di-saster. Whatever possessed him to roll out his presidential candidacy on Twitter will remain a mystery. The bigger question is which one of his genius advisors thought that would be a good idea?

Here's a headline for Mr. DeSantis: Sometimes, the old way works better. What a revelation.

We are referring to announcing your run for the president of the United States at an old fashioned rally. You know, the one where all your adoring fans are wildly cheering you on? The one where your friends are rooting for you? The one that makes a big, positive splash on social media and makes you look strong and presidential?

Unless he got gzillions of dollars from Elon Musk, DeSantis's choice of using Twitter as a platform to make the biggest announcement of his life doesn't bode well for him. Twitter crashed as did DeSantis.

To add insult to injury, he gave Trump ammunition for the next five years. Even if he quits, DeSantis will never live this down.

Secondly, we wonder how he would be in a real crisis. On a parallel line, crisis and rolling out your presidential candidacy are the same. He made a huge mistake. So was it because he has the wrong people around him? Or because he wanted this and no one could move him? Or because everyone made a huge mistake?

None of those scenarios bode well.

Lighten up dude. Take a deep breathe and get your act together.

One more thing about DeSantis. He raised $1 million in an hour after his announcement on Twitter. And so?

Who is talking about that? Nobody. What everyone is talking about his that Twitter video crashed and he was left looking like he was stuttering.

We reiterate - he better surround himself with better people than he has now or Trump is the next president of the United States. Biden doesn't even know what room he's in.

Now to those trying to 'get' Donald Trump. All - every one of them so far - has ended up with egg on their faces. (Georgia election interference might be different, but that's still ongoing.)

The never-ending Trump-Russia was cooked up by President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the media to frame him. It didn't work.

They manufactured ridiculous allegations and then of course could not prove them. All they did was strengthen Trump's hold on not only his base, but even on half-normal people who couldn't understand how going after Trump for years would diminish him. It only made him stronger.

In 2019, Trump was scorched by two massive reports detailing the assistance provided to his 2016 presidential campaign by Russian intelligence agencies.

The first, by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, also presented evidence of obstruction of justice. The Mueller document was supplemented by the even weightier report of the Senate Intelligence Committee, then chaired by Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina. It was, as was Robert Mueller - a total bust.

The Durham report was next up.

Durham's report eventually reconciled itself to the delusionary nature of the so-called Clinton Plan. He grudgingly accepts that there really was Russian interference in the election of 2016 and it cannot be dismissed as part of a scheming Clinton campaign.

In the end, the FBI overreacted to the available information about Trump’s Russia contacts and should have moved more cautiously before advancing to the next phase of an investigation.

Durham’s sponsors hoped to reveal a globe-spanning conspiracy to vilify Donald Trump. What he delivered for them instead was a list of arguable procedural infractions by the FBI.

The lessons here are unless one has irrevocable proof of accusations, especially against such a formidable opponent as Donald Trump, find another way to 'get' him.

Good Yom Tov and Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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