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Thanks to one of our astute readers, we learned about a new way Justin is able to spend aka waste your hard earned tax dollars.

Starting July 1, Justin is giving any transgender employee working for the federal public service a 'health benefit' of up to $75,000 for “gender affirmation” procedures, such as sex reassignment surgeries.

Here's our issue. We are on the rubenesque side (read fat) but we identify as skinny. Ergo we are translender and we also need a 'health benefit' to help us determine how to reassign our body shape.

Anthony Housefather - you have Justin's ear. Can you please make sure this money is deposited in our account by May. We wouldn't want our delicate sensibilities to be damaged.

In our last blog we asked if the language police and all bureaucrats working in quebec had a brain larger than a stale egg roll. We have amended that description. They lost the wonton part of the egg roll. In fact their brains extend no further than the filling, which for the most part is cabbage and you know what happens when you eat cabbage - a lot of hot, empty air.

We are referring to czar legault's latest gaff - launching a new website before making sure it works, which in this case sit doesn't.

The infamous SAAQ which if you don't live here is the equivalent of your license bureau but with a long, convoluted french name, is no longer working properly. The new website is a dud.

So, if you need to renew your registration online or do anything else online referring to a car, truck, trailer, motorcycle etc - fuggedeabout it. Nothing is working there.

No appointments can be made online. Payments are being made online and then lost. Their debit and credit card functions work once in a while. Best you go there with cash.

Someone we know had the misfortune to have to go there this morning, with an appointment. They were forced to wait outside in line, in the winter mind you, while they saw that even though the time to open had come and gone, the place was empty.

When the guard was asked - in french, one would think his native tongue - why people were forced to wait outside in the cold, the response was...silence. He was either a mute or his first language was swahili.

czar legault is completely ignoring the incompetence of whoever dropped the ball here. Because it is not happening to him, it is a) of no importance or b) he doesn't give a rats. Your tax dollars at work.

King Charles III is flexing his muscles and he means business. This week, Harry and Meghan were told they can no longer live in the Frogmore cottage, which was their home when they would be visiting the UK, which is clearly not very often these days.

They were told to get their stuff out and ship it to California, where they now reside.

King Charles was not quite done. He then offered the 'cottage' to his brother Andrew who seems to want something, shall we say, with a bit more presence. Right now he's living in the 31-bedroom Royal Lodge. Why he needs 31 bedrooms is anyone's guess. Not that we are referring to his 'friendship' with Jeffrey Epstein.

Frogmore cottage is quite the step down for Andrew, with a mere four bedrooms and four bathrooms. All to say Charles is certainly flexing his muscles. It appears his mother, Queen Elizabeth left him to deal with all the dirty laundry.

Although we are getting closer to having an inquiry into whether China mixed into our elections, Justin is moving heaven and earth to make sure it doesn't happen.

Get this one: the Liberals picked Michael Rosenberg, a former Trudeau foundation CEO who reportedly received $200,000 from a Chinese official, to write a report on Chinese interference in Canadian elections. That's extra special, eh Blanche?

The NDP, Liberals and even the Bloc Quebecois have decided that they will not support the government in a bid to get a commission on this, which they would control completely.

Given that, much of what we will see, if this ever gets off the ground, will be highly redacted. Meaning, half or more will be totally blacked out.

National Security Adviser Jody Thomas confirmed yesterday that Justin had been briefed regularly about foreign interference in Canadian elections. Seems he doesn't really give a rats and would rather poo-poo this. Stay tuned. Again, the fat lady has not yet sung on this one.

Back to King Charles. It appears that many artists have refused to perform at his coronation. Uh oh.

So far Adele, Elton John, The Spice Girls, and Harry Styles have all refused. Let's put it this way - Elton John performed at Diana's funeral and there's no way on earth he would perform after watching Camilla - that beauty - coronated as queen.

That's just too big a pill to swallow.

Can one or two of Pierre Poilivere's handlers wake up and speak to him? Can they tell him that people vote against someone, not for someone? Can they tell him that right now people are not voting for Trudeau but they are also not voting for him?

Poilievre - it's time to stop being angry and start connecting with people. One day - boom - the election will be called and where will you be? Still angry? Right now Stephen Harper is sincerely and deeply missed.

This next part is for the infamous 'back room boys' - get your act together. Time is running out for you and if you lose again to Trudeau you will all look like fools.

Justin, who stayed in that $6000 USD penthouse suite in the Corinthia Hotel in London during the Queen's funeral?

You know, the time you sang Bohemian Rhapsody with Gregory Charles on the piano?

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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