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BREAKING NEWS: Common Sense is now an endangered species. Stupidity has taken over the world and unf

Some people are not very happy and perhaps a tad worried these days. Many, many thousands who thought they were safe putting all their information on a website called Ashley Madison are now ‘tzitering’ – shaking in their pants.

In case you are living under a rock, that site is for shall we discreetly say married people to do things that married people should not be doing. Some group hacked into their site, commandeered all their information and is threatening to expose everyone unless the site shuts down. Can we talk?

How naive can those people be who joined that website? Do they not read the papers where hackers expose sites much much bigger than Madison? Like Target or the US government. Did they think that if they gave a fake name they would never be found out? Truly there is no known cure for stupidity. Obama is off to Kenya for a family reunion. No kidding. He’s going to reconnect with Mama Sara, the matriarch of his family and paternal step-grandmother. Then there’s Auma Obama his half-sister (they shared a father), Malik Obama, his half-brother, George Hussein Obama, his step-brother from his father’s fourth wife and finally Kezia Obama, his father’s first wife. It’s going to be quite the party. We suggest name tags.

Donald Trump was very busy today. He went to visit Laredo Texas, a town that borders Mexico. First thing we noticed was his red-neck hat with the inscription Make America Great Again. Could be that’s his slogan.

Lest you think he spent much time there, think again. It took him less than three hours to zip in and zip out with an entourage second to none that included a presidential-style motorcade, seven SUVs and even more police cars. Before going, it seems Trump was warned that he would be at ‘great risk’ if he stepped foot in Laredo. Can you say Guzman the escaped drug cartel king? You can say what you want about Trump – he’s crude, rude and has no filter. Given that, he has cahoonas the size of Texas.

Guess how many republicans are running for president? Sixteen. That’s insane. One of the keys to running is money. Seems this election will cost the winning candidate about $1billion. That’s way more insane than the sixteen candidates. On the other hand, there are a handful of democrats running.

Many out there like Bernie Sanders. We don’t want to bust your bubble but unless you live in Vermont and like to hug trees, you most likely don’t vote for Bernie. Hillary has a good chance but her biggest challenge lies internally. She could not keep her own people in check last time around and they failed her miserably. Seems she has a problem delegating. And therefore you are asking yourself, how is she going to run the country if she can’t run her own party? Good question Blanche.

In case you didn’t know, the price of eggs is going to skyrocket due to many factors, not the least of which is that nasty avian flu. That nasty virus did many chickens in. It’s not that your easy-over eggs will be that much more expensive, it’s everything else that uses eggs. Stop and think how many products use eggs and you’ll realize that prices of many things are going to rise rapidly.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

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