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How the Mighty Fall

Blanche will be sending out a special edition tonight regarding the mid-term elections in the US – after all the polls close, which will be 11:00 pm in California. Unless of course there is a total rout of either party, in which case it will be earlier. It is interesting to note that  political pundits are predicting nothing today as they were severely stung by the 2016 election results.

Trudeau is yet again spending your money like it was his own,  like it’s water. 

The federal government spent $23 million buying more than 600 brand-new cars for use at this year’s G7 summit — and is now struggling to sell them off second-hand. Gets better folks.

431 vehicles were purchased to be used for “motorcade” purposes, and another 200 for “administrative” purposes at the Group of Seven summit last June in Charlevoix, Que. Only 51 are being repurposed for use within the government.

According to the RCMP, buying the automobiles outright was considered the most affordable choice. Seriously?  Since when is the RCMP  is advising the Prime Minister on how to spend our money? Their suggestion of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars to be used for three days, is, shall we say, a tad reckless? Did no one ever hear of renting said vehicles? Or at least the ones available in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor etc?

Justin Trudeau has precious little, if any concept of how to run our country. It appears he’s trapped in the time warp of being the spoiled son of an ex-prime minister.

Guess what? He’s now using your tax money with no regard to how hard each Canadian worked to earn it. It looks like he needs an accountant at his side day and night to stop the relentless blunders he keeps making. Anyone up for the task?

Remember those Kavanaugh allegations after he was interrogated for about 32 hours by his peers? The ones that caught the nation’s attention for days on end?

Michael Avenatti lawyer for Julie Swetnick are both being referred to the Justice Department for criminal investigation for providing false statements, obstructing congressional investigations, and conspiracy to violate federal law over allegations they made against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. How the mighty fall.

Swetnick came forward with accusations after two other women came forward and made unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault against Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.

During an interview with NBC News that aired recently, Swetnick tried to walk back some of her most explosive claims about Kavanaugh. Let’s just say she should have thought twice before coming forward with allegations that seem to be concocted in Disney world or, and for his sake this best not be the way it was, Avenatti.

Robert Gosselin, charged with inciting hatred toward Jewish people, has had his court hearing postponed for two weeks. He appeared briefly in court today to announce he was changing lawyers.

We will not write the threats that Gosselin said as we don’t want to give him any more publicity than he already has. We will only say that in the US when someone uttered such threats, their bail was $500,000. Not $500. What exactly is the Quebec government waiting for? G-d forbid something to happen?

It has become crystal clear that people like Gosselin are online with other like-minded hate-filled people, openly anti-Semitic. These people find each other, or does the Quebec government not know this? And they need to be kept locked up without access to a computer.

If we have learned anything from the slaughter in Pittsburgh, it is to take these people seriously and deal with them accordingly.

We’ll talk…

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