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How to Get Fired and Make Sure the World Knows in one easy lesson

Before launching into the news of the day, it is incumbent upon us to stop for a moment. Today is the fifth anniversary of Sandy hook school massacre. In case you have forgotten what happened that day, we will remind you that 20 students all under ten and six teachers were murdered in their school.

Last week, while perusing Facebook, we came upon someone who had posted a picture of a woman with a gun pointed at her head. It appears that some of this woman’s followers found this picture amusing, as did she who posted it. We called her out on it.

Believe it or not, it took a few back and forth conversations to finally make her understand that a) nothing was funny about that post and b) is that what she wants her children to emulate? In the end, the only way we were able to reach her was to refer her to the Sandy Hook massacre. One has to be totally oblivious to the world we live in to post such a picture.

Blanche took her own straw poll after the Alabama election on Tuesday night. Lest you have already forgotten, two men ran for the vacant senate seat: Roy Moore, the republican and Doug Jones, the democrat. Jones won by a hair and Moore has yet to concede. He wants a vote count which he most likely won’t get.

The poll we took was the following: While watching the results come in, we asked if people were reminded of the presidential election when the two worst candidates in the history of the United States were running. The answer was yes. People simply could not vote for Hillary and held their nose when voting for Trump.

Same thing in Alabama. People could not vote for Moore (although many did) and held their noses when voting for Jones, certainly not a great candidate and still aligned with the Dems and the Clinton machine.

The US still has a very long way to go before normal, thinking people have someone they actually want to vote for.

Couillard best take note of this election as well. While no one wants Legault and the CAQ in power, they may hold their nose and vote for him. In today’s climate, people vote against someone, not for someone.

Couillard/Barette are aloof and arrogant, as was Denis Coderre and look where he is now. The liberal’s shock at the heavy backlash of the bonjour-hi fiasco better be a wake-up call to them. Otherwise, our prediction is sayonara.

There was quite the geffulement in the White House yesterday. One of Trump’s aides, a black woman by the name of Omarosa Manigault Newman was fired by the chief of staff, General Kelly, and told to leave by the end of January.

Now who would want to mess with General Kelly? Oh wait, if you think you are ‘entitled’, well, nothing stops you. Which is what happened.

When told of her dismissal, Omarosa tried to enter the private quarters of Trump and his family. In doing so, she triggered an alarm. Let’s see now, she’s certainly not part of the family. Why, she’s not even distantly related. We are guessing she wanted to plead her case to Trump.

Instead, she was quickly escorted out of the White House, most likely without having time to clean out her desk. The reason she was fired? No one knew what she did and she couldn’t come up with a job description. In case she wanted to keep her firing under wraps, she certainly didn’t do much to help herself.

We hope no one is surprised that the e-Formula race is in the hole for another $10 million. We were told the costs were $24 million, already an insane amount. Now we find out that the non-profit organization, Montréal c’est électrique, created by the Coderre Administration in 2016 to promote the electric car race can’t pay it’s bills and has almost exhausted a $10 million line of credit.

Read these next words carefully: The City is the guarantor for the credit line which means that Montrealers are paying that bill with our tax money.

It appears that not everyone finds Justin Trudeau cute nor do they want to take a selfie with him. Last week, for example, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times newspaper (China’s state media mouthpiece) went out of his way to say that “Canada has very little influence on China.” This statement was tweeted, with a video accompanied by English subtitles, to remind international audiences—while Trudeau was still in the country no less—that Canada is not about to influence China’s policies.

The Liberal government is currently pursuing free trade deals on three fronts: …with the Americans (and Mexicans), where NAFTA hangs by a thread and we have heard through the grapevine that those negotiating are over their head ;

…with the Chinese, who just rebuffed our “progressive” trade deal pitch

…with a host of other Asian partners, many of whom were appalled by Canada’s recent decision to abruptly avoid attending a Trans-Pacific Partnership leaders’ meeting where an agreement-in-principle was supposed to be announced.

People are complaining that Andrew Scheer is too low-key. So what would you rather have leading our country? A low-key guy who will get the job done or someone who is too busy with himself to take governing seriously. We’ll take Scheer anytime. And one more thing…never forget who won the tortoise and the hare race.

Happy Chanukah We’ll talk…

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