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Illhan Omar Does Not Deserve the Privilege of Being an American Citizen

Perhaps the time has finally come to get rid of the ‘Democrat’ Ilhan Omar and send her back to Somalia where she came from. She is obviously not happy in the United States, nor with Trump’s pro-Israeli stance.

On Sunday, after Hamas had launched hundreds of rockets indiscriminately at Israel, murdering and wounding Israelis , she attacked Israel once again, blaming them for shooting “protesters” and insisting that Israel was occupying Gaza.

Republican Liz Cheney shot back a tweet that put Omar in her place: 1. Hamas controls Gaza. 2. Hamas is firing rockets at civilians in Israel. 3. @IlhanMN is defending Hamas. Real question is how many times will @IlhanMN rush to the defense of terrorists?

Exactly. If Omar is so supportive of Hamas terrorists, our suggestion is that she pack her bags, get the he.l out of the US and move to Gaza to help the ‘poor oppressed people’ there.

What is even worse is that the Democratic Party does not call her out on this, many of whom are Jewish. Anyone who votes for them or supports them financially, should hang their heads in shame. Bashing Israel, the only democratic, flourishing country in the Middle East, who does not lash or behead their women for tweeting or not covering their hair, is beyond the pale. There are simply no words for these people.

There is no doubt that Zaidy Bernie is not a happy camper these days. Since Biden announced his presidential candidacy, he has blown Bernie outta the water with a 32 point lead in the polls.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was in third place with 8 percent, followed by Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas with 7 percent. The rest of the flock seems to be flatline.

As we all know however, polls can be very deceiving. Very. So we are taking this with a grain of salt. However, we are thinking that people are finally waking up, watching what’s happening in Venezuela and rejecting socialism – what a surprise – and going for the older, somewhat more saner person. No one however, will be able to beat Trump.

Workers in a hospital in Montreal were reprimanded for speaking Spanish and Arabic between themselves during their breaks. Another was written up for responding to an anglophone patient in English.

This attitude has nothing to do with language laws and everything to do with racism, pure and simple. While there are obviously French Canadians who could care less what language you speak, there are others who are using the language issue and by extension, Bill 21 to go after immigrants.

Cut the BS here and call a spade a spade. The reality of life in this province is that immigrants were welcomed here with open arms because a) they already spoke French as in Somalis and other North Africans or b) the birth rate here is abnormally low and the province needed to boost its numbers.

Now, twenty years later they are waking up and don’t like how people look or what they eat or how they speak? Here’s some advice from Blanche: Take a pill and go back to sleep. Life, as you knew it, is over.

Seems people need to visit a farm to see, up close, what goes on as more and more geniuses are taking chickens their city pets. Blanche, do they need a leash to walk them?

So what happens very quickly? As the cute baby chicks grow up to be homely chickens, their owners don’t want them anymore. Cluck. Cluck. So what do they do? Certainly not break their necks, flick the feathers and eat them for supper. Oooh Blanche, that’s gross.

No, they drop them off at the SPCA. Seriously? Who exactly is adopting them? No one, which is why they will still wind up in someone’s chicken salad.

Seems the great baby reveal will take place tomorrow when Prince Harry and Meghan show off their firstborn son. The Queen and Phil must be qvelling over their 8th great-grandchild.

The truth is, we are very happy for Prince Harry. His mother died when he was only eleven years old and his father, who has the emotional capacity of a walking stick, did little to help him cope, other than try to make him take his mother’s death like a man. Harry deserves all the happiness in the world.

Michael Cohen reported to Otisville prison yesterday, beginning his three year stay there. Our guess is that he will use the time wisely, writing a tell-all memoir and do some serious soul-searching. It helps that Otisville is one of the ten cushiest prisons in the US.

Still, after all is said and done, he can’t go for a walk in the sunshine in Fifth Avenue, nor be with this wife, children and parents. He took a serious haircut before being incarcerated and we are venturing a guess that his barber will keep him well-coiffed during his stay there.

Justin Trudeau is still bleeding from the SNC Lavalin scandal, which by the way was never resolved. Now he has another huge problem to add to his ever-growing list. The Vice-Admiral Mark Norman affair is most likely going to hit the papers in September when the trial begins.

Norman served as the second-in-command of the military until he was charged in March 2018 with breach of trust for allegedly leaking cabinet secrets in favour of Quebec-based Davie Shipbuilding in relation to a $700-million shipbuilding contract. Norman has denied any wrongdoing and his legal team continues to fight for access to secret government documents. His representation has argued that the charges he is facing are politically motivated. No kidding.

To add yet another nail to Trudeau’s coffin, former Liberal star candidate and now outgoing MP Andrew Leslie is on the witness list to testify, if called, against the government on behalf of suspended Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. All the fancy socks in the world won’t help Trudeau if this happens. We hope he put his teaching job on hold.

We’ll talk…

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