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It Was Vegan On the Golden Globe Menu. No Farting Cows – Oops – Cow Emissions for Them.

Go know. Two Jewish boys from Toronto bought the Montreal Alouettes. Sid Spiegel and Gary Stern (father-in-law and son-in-law) have a track record of hard work and success and a deep passion for Canadian football. Blanche, can it be that there was no one in Montreal who wanted the team? Clearly dear. 

The best part of this story is when asked why they didn’t buy the Toronto Argonauts their answer was – they suck. Not classy but truthful.

Does anyone know who the geniuses were who planned the Conservative leadership convention on the same weekend in June as the gay pride parade in Toronto? They couldn’t find any other weekend?

Wait.  Ya think they are bending over backwards to atone for Andrew Scheer would not attend that parade last year? Let’s see… will they leave their convention en masse and march in the parade – in full trans regalia for full atonement?  Now that would be a sight. But we digress.

Andrew Scheer might not have been the strongest leader, but he’s no longer making any decisions, so they can’t hang this on him.  What’s their excuse now? Who’s leading this parade anyway?

Justin Trudeau grew a beard over the holidays. Can we talk here? Did anyone know he dyed his hair during the last election campaign? We’re guessing he didn’t want his adoring fans to see – perish the thought – that he’s getting older and has some gray hair. As his beard is salt and pepper – in English that’s gray –  we are guessing that he’s easing himself into adulthood. Nothing to traumatic to upset the sensibilities of our prime minister.

We guessing that many people don’t think Donald Trump should have blown the mother-of-all-terrorists, Soleimani, to smithereens. Look, on the bright side for him, he gets his 70 virgins, or so ‘they’ say.

It’s interesting that the Democrat party is up in arms about this. Well, not that interesting given Obama’s record with Iraq and Iran, his apology tour to every lout running a banana republic and his final kiss to Trump by sending an airline filled with money to Iran.

It’s also no secret that the world is much better off without Soleimani. He was truly an evil person, killing or having others murder thousands of people. It’s always the untouchable men who sit in a comfortable room somewhere giving out edicts to end the lives of other people, isn’t it?  It appears that he thought no one would take him out as the repercussions would be nothing anyone could handle. Guess he was wrong, eh Blanche?

We are not venturing a guess as to what Iraq or Hezbolla will do. Everyone must be on guard for a long time. Not weeks or months, but years. We are also venturing a guess that Iraq’s leaders are blowhards who need to look and sound strong.

Ilhan Omar was named ‘Anti-Semite Of The Year’. She beat out Louis Farrakhan, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Very special and for you Americans – your tax dollars at work. She also endorsed Bernie Sanders. No further comment necessary.

One more thing about Soleimani. Arab tradition, like Jewish tradition, mandates that bodies be buried as quickly as possible after death. So can someone please answer why this guy’s body – which was in a cardboard box by the way, went from city to city for days? It’s a rhetorical question.

And if you think that all the people who turned out to wail in the streets did so voluntarily, we have swampland in Florida for you. The government has spies everywhere and you best show up on the street or else.

Everyone has heard about those wildfires in Australia. They are simply horrific. Everyone has also heard that they are supposedly a direct result of climate change or global warming or climate warming or global climate change – you get the picture.

Turns out dozens of people deliberately set multiple wildfires in multiple places, causing the current massive wildfires. While there is probably some connection to the climate, one simply cannot issue a blanket statement that these fires are caused by the above definitions.

Speaking of global warming, Blanche, did you know that those attending the Golden Globe awards Sunday night had a vegan meal? Yes dearies, they are saving the planet by eating vegan (no farting cows for them) while getting to the awards in their private planes and limousines.

And the actors who think themselves so important that they must voice their political views – always snagging Trump? No one cares what they have to say. They are actors. If they want to have a public platform,  stop acting and start door knocking to become an elected official. Blanche, if you want to see entitled people, there’s no better place than Hollywood. What a crock.

We’ll talk…

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