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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

A 54-year-old man carrying a suspicious package scaled a White House fence Sunday night, but was quickly apprehended. He became ‘compliant’ once he saw the dogs ready to engage with him. Can we talk?

Why isn’t that fence electrified? People who live in normal, albeit large houses not only have electrified fences, but guards who actually see what’s going on. One thing we can tell you…Michelle better keep pumping up those arm muscles because by the looks of things, one day someone is actually going to get into the White House and she may be the only line of defense.

Wait! Blanche we just figured something out. Now we know why she always wears sleeveless dresses. To show all the would-be robbers that she’s pumped up. How could we have missed that.

Hillary Clinton just started her campaign and already we need the barf bag. After putting forth her nomination, she was suddenly very tight with the ‘little folk’. Spare us.

She spent much of her New Hampshire trip railing against America’s ‘1 per cent’ richest, but as soon as no one was looking she took the priciest seat home she could find without chartering a private plane – first class on a regular flight. Guess that’s her idea of slumming.

Remember when Sony’s emails were hacked? Guess who indexed them? Wikileaks. And guess what is now popping up? If you give a $1million gift to an ivy league university your kid gets a tour of the place, a private meeting with the school president and of course, admission.

Turns out that some dude who worked at Sony gave such a donation and all of his emails are now out there for all to see. And who says money can’t talk? The student ‘protests’ against austerity in Montreal are slowly coming to a close. The latest losers are now camped outside a CEGEP in St. Laurent. How stupid are these so called students? So stupid that they didn’t postpone their sleeping in tents on the front lawn until the weather cleared. It’s very cold for April, raining and gross outside. Geniuses – wait until the weather gets better to sleep outside. And of course we could not help but notice that there are no loos anywhere in site. Blanche, don’t even think about it. Those people have air between their ears.

Here’s are some very interesting tidbits of information. Which countries possess the world’s most powerful passports? You’ll never guess number one – Sweden. The United States ranks fifth while Canada ranks seventh. The last one on the list? Afghanistan. What a surprise.

If you’re planning to move to Beverly Hills, you may want to rethink your move. Guess how much you will be fined if you water your lawn? $1,000. Come to think of it, to lifestyles of the rich and famous, $1,000 is pocket change. The bigger picture is that California is having some serious issues with a drought that people are just not taking seriously. Where’s Al Gore when you need him? Most likely watering his lawn.

We’ll talk…

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