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No, Jihadi Jack is Not Wanted Here.

For all those who think that Israel made a mistake in not allowing Omar and Tlaib to enter Israel, here’s question for you: Why didn’t they go two weeks ago with the rest of the democratic delegation?

In case you can’t find the answer, we’ll help you. Because they have an agenda and it would have not been able to be carried out with Nancy Pelosi on the same trip.

The dude by the name of Jihadi Jack has been stripped of his British citizenship. So who is this guy? Let’s start with his parents who made headlines earlier this summer when a British court convicted them of funding terrorism, ostensibly to help their son who was in jail. Now for the kid.

He joined isis in its self-declared capital, Raqqa and is believed to have married an isis bride in Iraq. He also took the name Abu Mohammed and began to spread the word of allah.

Letts was subsequently captured in 2017 by the People’s Protection Unit, or YPG — a US-backed Kurdish militia group combating isis as he attempted to flee into Turkey. He has since been held in a jail in northern Syria.

He regrets what he did – no kidding, he’s in jail –  but the British are standing firm and revoked his citizenship. He now has only a Canadian citizenship and, guess what – he  wants to come to Canada. Quel surprise.

What does Justin’s government say about this: “Terrorism knows no borders so countries need to work together to keep each other safe. Canada is disappointed that the United Kingdom has taken this unilateral action to offload their responsibilities.”

Can we talk? The UK didn’t offload their responsibilities. In fact, they did the right thing revoking his citizenship. He went to a place that is crawling with isis terrorists who want to kill all the infidels – that would be you and me.

Letts said he was ‘searching’, we are guessing for some meaning in his life. He could have searched in India or anywhere else in the world, but he went to syria and attached himself to isis. Now he’s paying the price.

It’s not Canada’s responsibility to take him in. It’s our responsibility to do the same thing as the UK and tell him he is not wanted here.

And by the way, Andrew Scheer who is constantly accused of being too quiet, said the following: “(Letts is) in prison now and that’s where he should stay. I won’t lift a finger to bring him back to Canada.” There ya go. Scheer has convictions and morals.

The New York Times has finally, at long last been outed as having its raison d’être the demise of Donald Trump.

In a meeting that was supposed to be held in secrecy, but was taped by someone at said meeting, the true colours of that paper were exposed.

For two years they were trying to pin Russian collusion on Trump. Reporting the news? Waste of time.

When Robert Mueller testified a few weeks ago, the entire two years came crashing down on them. No collusion. So now what?

Lest you forget, the NY Times is a newspaper, not a political party. However, they pander solely to democrats and as such, their readers were hysterical after Mueller dropped the ball.

So what are they going to do?

Focus on making sure Trump loses the next election, no matter what they have to do. In fact, they speak and are the voice for the rest of the democrats who have still not gotten over November 2016 when Hillary, their saviour, lost. They never came to themselves and will not until 2024 because Trump’s gonna win again.

Jeffrey Epstein wrote and signed a will two days before he died. In effect, he tied up all his money $578 million so the women who accused him of being one of the sleaziest men alive, would have a much harder time getting to his money. He was a scumbag till the bitter end. Feh.

Maxime Bernier wants to take part in the debates before the next election but he can’t because he has not met the rules to be able to participate.

The rule is that if a party isn’t represented in the House of Commons by an MP who was elected as a member of that party, they cannot take part in the debate. Maxime is having a major temper tantrum about it.

Here’s a headline for Bernier: You made your bed, now lie in it, with all the right-wing nutcases you have associated yourself with. It turns out that the best thing that ever happened to Andrew Scheer was Bernier’s huffing and puffing exit. He’s polling at about 2%.

Blanche, did you ever hear of a miracle flight? No? Here ya go. Wheelchairs are available for those who need them at airports. With the wheelchair comes the perk of being first on the plane. Well, some pretty sick (pardon the pun) individuals have devised a plan where, for the first part of the flight, they need a wheelchair.

Once the plane lands, lo and behold a miracle! they can walk again. As of this writing, the airlines cannot do anything about this scam.

We’ll talk…

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