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The Blanche Report: Snapchat, Hillary and Da Weather

We have a suggestion for Hillary Clinton, especially if she is planning to run for president. Whatever diet her husband is on, she should start it immediately. He is 67, she is 66 and looks closer to 70 plus, old and tired. Maybe it was all that flying she did when Secretary of State for her good friend Obama. Flying is murder on one’s skin as the dryness of the plane sucks all the moisture out.

Given her current appearance, age and the fact that Americans tend to vote for pretty rather than smart, she should start drinking some green business in the mornings, get a few serious facials and start eating lotsa veggies.

Can we rant for a moment? Why can’t the city be nice for two minutes and suspend the usage of parking meters for December 25 and January 1?  Wait, while they’re at it,  they can let people to ride the busses and metro for free. Are they so money hungry that even on those days they can’t give the public a break? Feh on them.

Rob Ford was the first to file for the mayoral race in Toronto today. The election is next October 27 and people can file for this position until mid September. In case you were wondering, he did lose some weight.

There is a power struggle going on in Toronto and it looks like the public is bearing the brunt of it. In the days after their ice storm a couple of weeks ago, Ford was repeatedly asked whether he would declare a state of emergency, a move that would have ceded emergency powers to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly. Of course he never did, which lessened the provincial government involvement in helping people. Again, the fat lady didn’t sing yet.

Ever hear of Snapchat? No? Ok – here ya go: Snapchat is a photo messaging  app.  Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to their list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their snaps, from 1 to 10 seconds,after which they will be hidden from the recipient’s device and deleted from Snapchat’s servers. Got it? Now here’s the issue.

On December 31, hackers reportedly published 4.6 million snapchat usernames and phone numbers on another website for all to see. As one snapchat user posted on line: Deleted my snapchat app because of all the hackers. Feel free to blow my account up. Oy.

Let’s say you want to be very, very happy. Where would you go? We suggest Colorado where they just passed a new law legalizing marijuana. Next up is Alaska. Before that it was Seattle. What do all these places have in common? We will be discreet – they are of the most liberal of liberal states to live. Did you know that in Vermont you can walk around naked – legally? Blanche, quick get the blindfolds. Ya never know which grandma who smoked something thinks she looks like she’s twenty-five again. Yikes!!

In case you were wondering Julian Assange of wikileaks fame is still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. It’s been almost a year. Wonder if the walls are closing in on him yet. If you want to understand how crazy those Chechen muslim terrorists are, they make the PLO look like schoolchildren. Did you know that those who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings were Chechen? The Sochi olympics are putting them front and center in the world press. As they showed last week, they can strike when and where they want at will. May we suggest that if you decide to partake of the games, perhaps watching hockey, stay home and watch in your pajamas. Don’t go to Sochi.

Cold enough for you? Looks like we’re in for the mother of all winters. It’s only January 2 and we’ve already had everything we need for winter to be complete – snowstorms, ice storms, sleet and now -40 with the wind chill. What’s gonna be in February?

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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