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So it looks like the federal election will be held on Monday September 20. In case you didn’t know, all elections held in Canada must be on a Monday or changed to Tuesday if Monday is a legal holiday. Perhaps you don’t know that Monday night September 20 on the Jewish calendar is the first night of the holiday of Sukkot. Which means, those who observe this holiday can vote only until sundown. After the holiday begins no observant Jews can vote.

Why Justin chose September 20 is anyone guess. He definitely – for the second time – made it very difficult for Orthodox Jews to vote. Monday September 13 is not a holiday for anyone. Why couldn’t it have been then? We have no answer other than it’s just not nice and makes the lives of observant Jews very difficult. Read what you want from that sentence.

The US has a huge problem on its hands at the southern border. And we mean huge. Their genius president Joe Biden said that migration is seasonal and summer is too hot for people to walk for months to get into the US. Well, here’s a headline for him:

More Than 212,000 migrants found their way to the US in July. Just to give you a wake-up call, last year when Trump was president that number was about 40,000.

Biden has said he will not limit the number of migrants entering the country but will now start to get them vaccinated. A bit too late for that, wouldn’t you say?

Biden refuses to play hardball so the immigrants just keep coming. And not only from Central America. They are coming from all over the world, getting dropped off in central America or Mexico and then making their way to the border.

You can bet your bippy that no one in Texas is happy as these migrants are being bused, unvaccinated and unchecked to their towns. What a mess. Where’s Kamala Harris when you need her? Blanche, you don’t remember? She was at a crisis dinner and now must be absorbing the crisis. She’s extra special.

We will admit that some form of climate change does exist. It always has and always will. What ruins the climate change activists are those who say things like having a child is 7 times worse for the climate in CO2 emissions annually than the next 10 most discussed mitigants that individuals can do.

Wait. In case your blood is not yet boiling get this: There is a growing movement calling for parents to have fewer children due to climate concerns. Several thousand young people have signed the “No Future Pledge” — which encourages them to avoid reproducing in the interest of cutting carbon emissions.

Can we talk? These people have totally lost any sense of reality. Totally. They are caught up in their own endless vortex of wanting to hear themselves speak. They are self-serving, selfish people who in the end, will be the ones who will deeply regret listening to whoever is spouting this idiocy.

We are not the only ones who think that Andrew Cuomo’s taking of two weeks to leave office is suspicious to say the least. 

In most high-level businesses, if you are fired or quit then you are out on the same day. Often you are watched as you empty your desk and then walked to the door by a security guard. Why is Cuomo being given 2 weeks to leave?  Let’s guess. He needs time to shred millions of documents?

We like to follow the royal family. They do some good work, have gorgeous homes to ogle at, and live lives like, well, royalty.

Unfortunately, the Queen is unable to enjoy a lot of her time these days. The headline in the British tabloids today was that the Prince of Wales (aka Andrew) was headed to the queen’s Balmoral estate to meet up with family, amid new developments in his scandal.

U.S. authorities have vowed to bring criminal charges against anyone who helped Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew pledged to cooperate with the investigation, but reneged on his offer and completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation. He will not speak to any US investigators.

It is alleged that multiple US authorities are seeking details of flights that the Duke of York used to visit Epstein in a range of locations, so that they can better understand how people may have travelled into and out of the disgraced financier’s orbit. The authorities’ interests are understood to include multiple trips by the royal to Epstein’s Caribbean island, Little St James, as well as Florida and New York.

In other words, Prince Andrew is up to his eyeballs in this and hiding behind his mother, even if she is the Queen, may buy him some time but not forever. Eventually, the prince will have to sing to save his own skin.

The more Erin O’Toole tries to bury the memory of former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, the more Harper’s shadow seems to loom over him. O’Toole could try to come across as both friendly and strong. But unless your name is Ronald Reagan, that’s a tough trick to pull off. So said an Ottawa insider political pundit.

We tend to agree. O’Toole cannot get past the ghost of Harper, who was able to command respect and lead his party. No one dared cross him or tried to usurp his leadership. Of course that could lead to people thinking you are a control freak, but hey – it worked. Harper was Prime Minister for ten years.

O’Toole is a nice guy. He has great credentials. But if people don’t know him, talking one on one to Canadians is not going to help him. Coupled with many weak candidates running in ridings around Montreal, the conservatives have a snowball’s chance in July of winning an election on September 20.

Hands up if you know who is running as a conservative for your riding in Montreal. Our guess is that two people have their hands up – the candidate and his manager. Tough election if you have a brain and can see the wall with the writing.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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