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The Loo in The Tube: The Best Paying Seat in the House

Seems in Milan the church has become very caring about other people’s feelings. Who knew?  An Italian priest has decided to break with tradition and not set up a nativity scene this season. Why? He doesn’t want to offend Muslims.

Wait, it gets better. Here’s what the priest said: “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths and hurt the sensibilities of Muslims.”

Here’s a headline: Blanche finds it offensive when we see half naked women on billboards. We find the pictures demeaning to women and they offend our sensibilities. Are those ads coming down? Not on your life. So what’s a person to do? Don’t look. Turn away.

Everyone, including muslims have a choice not to look at things that offend them. Bending over backwards to appease anybody results in becoming a pretzel cause there is no end to appeasement as we see from the Obama administration.

Let’s see what Barrett, Quebec’s health minister is going to say about a study which just came out ranking Montreal dead last in 10th place in a national health survey.

The Conference Board of Canada ranked ten Canadian cities on their performance using 24 indicators, grouped into four categories: life satisfaction; population health; healthy lifestyle; and access to health care services. Toronto didn’t fare very well either, ranking at 9. The top city is Saskatoon. Unfortunately, one has to live there to avail themselves of good services. Ya can’t have everything.

We can attest to one of the categories, the access to health care. A friend’s daughter broke her finger in school. Before going to the emergency she went to a private clinic to take an x-ray, which she brought with her to the hospital. Her welcome? “It will be six hours till you are seen.” In fact, it was six and half hours. Welcome to national health care.

Ever hear of Kevin O’Leary? He’s very rich, very loud, very in-your-face and will most likely run for leader of the Conservative party. If anyone can give Justin a run for his money, it will be this dude. He sends out tweets a la Donald Trump and is slowly leaking the fact that he may run.

He’s also very media savvy as he waited until there were 14 candidates running and kept the media and public guessing as to whether he will run or not. He’s still keeping people guessing although this past week he held a pre-campaign event loaded with heavy-hitting Conservatives. Our guess is that he will run and could very well win. One thing is sure – if he does win debates in our staid parliament will take on a new life.

Things in the US are status quo – the media doesn’t get Trump and he continues to keep them guessing. Honestly, he doesn’t need to spend a cent on advertising, they do it for him. The latest geffulement concerns a dude by the name of Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon and Trump’s pick as his Secretary of State. In case you don’t know how big Exxon is, we’ll tell you: If ExxonMobil were a country, it would be the world’s 41st largest economy — bigger than the Philippines, Chile, Ireland and Finland, according to a Washington Post assessment, based on World Bank figures.

So what’s the problem? Seems Tillerson has a ‘relationship’ with Putin as in 2013 Putin awarded Tillerson the Order of Friendship, one of the highest honors the nation bestows on foreign citizens. Tillerson negotiates with world leaders and heads of huge companies. From the looks of things, Trump is hiring as many businessmen as he can with a sprinkle of Washington insiders and Tillerson fits the bill.

Montreal is turning 375 years old. Even though we haven’t changed the year to 2017, the festivities have begun with the lighting of several key tourist spots in our fair city. One of the best ads we’ve seen in a very long time just came out regarding this anniversary. It’s called Dear Toronto…Sorry.

What are we sorry for? Well, young Montrealers went to Toronto to say I’m sorry for being such a fun city and inviting them to the celebration. Many people were given complimentary tickets (Air Canada no less) to fly here during the year. It’s really a cool and very clean ad. We were highly impressed. Here’s the link to watch the dudes in Toronto the good actually get excited:

Did you know that you have to pay to use the loo in the London Tube? Seriously. What if you don’t have money? What if you don’t have change? What if you waited too long and you’re dancing while looking for your money? What if you don’t know the currency exchange? Oy.

As a good will gesture, the loo charges in the Victoria and Charing Cross stations have suspended. Why you ask? Because passengers have endured travel delays and cancellations over the last few months so to thank said passengers they are letting them use the bathroom for free? This is a thank you? We have no words.

We’ll talk…

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