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Trudeau: Zero Tolerance for Misconduct Towards Women. Oh Really?

In today’s National Post, there is a full page ad paid for by the dairy board. In it, they tout their praises, saying their board benefits all of us in Canada. Oh really?

The fact that the ad is in the paper at all shows that they are slowly coming to the realization that life as they know it could soon be over. Yes, all the political parties are afraid of them as it appears they are able to control votes in an election. Given that at some point someone is going to have to stand up to them. It may take time, but we can take some solace that paying grossly inflated prices (270% over what the product is worth) could be coming to an end. The question is will it be sooner or later.

In the you-won’t-believe-it column, a genius Iranian general is blaming Israel for manipulating the weather as part of a plot to deprive Iran of much-needed rain, referring to the tactic as cloud “theft.” Aside from Iranians who are forced to listen and believe this trash, anyone in their right mind reading this can only shake their head at the total insanity of these words.

The head of Iran’s meteorological service – who will soon not be the head as his head will be off for speaking out – did not concur with the general’s conclusions, determining “on the basis of meteorological knowledge, [that] it is not possible for a country to steal snow or clouds.

One of the people Trump is looking at to replace retiring Supreme Court judge Anthony Kennedy is Amy Coney Barrett. She’s the only woman on the short list and her beliefs are nothing short of weird. She belongs to what is termed a cult called People of Praise. Nothing wrong so far. Keep reading

People of Praise members are said to be accountable to a same-sex adviser, called a “head” for men and a “handmaiden” for women, who gives input on a wide variety of personal decisions. So far it still doesn’t sound so bad. Here’s the salient part:

After about six years of participation, members can opt to commit to living in the community permanently, a ceremony that consists of pledging to attend weekly meetings and… “to care for each other physically, financially, materially, and spiritually.” Got that word physically?

From all the women that they could have chosen, this is the best one they could find? Oy…

As Canucks used to a long winter, the current heat wave in Montreal something very special. It’s just too hot for our blood. And yet, it’s summer and there are always heat waves. So Blanche, answer this question: Why are the new metro cars not air-conditioned? Nor is the metro. Nor are most of the buses.

Do the bureaucrats not use public transportation? Or do they view the little peeps simply as those who pay their salaries? Or are they incredulously stupid and cannot think past February? Or perhaps they ate too much poutine which affected their already pea-sized brains? You can choose one or all of the above answers.

The bottom line is that the government is run by idiots who are out of touch with both reality and the people. And one more thing. The Verdun hospital has no air conditioning on the upper floors where, as any imbecile would know, it is hotter than the lower floors. Did they never hear that heat rises?

Patients and families were told to bring their own fans. We are guessing that summer, heat, humidity and all that comes with it is a big surprise to those who run that fine institution. Your tax dollars at work.

A bad memory is no excuse for not responding to charges that Justin Trudeau groped a woman 18 years ago. Seems these men all have bad memories. Or, worse, they have approached so many women that everyone just blends one into the other. So why is this woman coming forward now? Perhaps because the holier-than-thou Trudeau said that there is zero tolerance for misconduct towards women and people are holding him accountable.

In January of 2018 this is what Trudeau said in an interview: … “women who come forward with complaints of sexual assault and harassment must be supported and believed”.

And he’s confident no one will be able to accuse him of the kinds of behaviour that have brought down several high-profile politicians this week. “I’ve been very, very careful all my life to be thoughtful, to be respectful of people’s space and people’s headspace as well.” Oops.

He’s about to eat his own words. We saw the article written about this allegation 18 years ago. It appears he ‘handled’ a woman he thought unimportant until he found out she was a national journalist. “If I had known you were a reporter for national paper…”

And finally, where was Valerie Planted during the Canada Day celebrations? Her office said she had a day off. Wait. She did attend many Jean the baptist festivities. She’s really a piece of work. Let them eat cake. In an interview last year – before she was mayor – she said although she doesn’t identify as a separatist, she believes in the importance of “auto-determination” as a democratic right.

Keep this in mind in October when you vote in the provincial election and be careful what you wish for. Plante has turned out to be as if not more arrogant than Coderre. And while Legault of the CAQ may swear up and down he’s not longer a separatist – let’s just say a leopard doesn’t change his spots.

We’ll talk…

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