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Everyone remembers when people ‘extremely concerned’ about climate change  met in drop-dead gorgeous resorts to commiserate about said climate change, getting there on their personal jets. Climate change is convenient when it doesn’t inconvenience  ‘extremely concerned’ people.

Many people also know that the media is, shall we say, overly friendly to the Liberals and Justin Trudeau. It is also known that the Conservative party is a bit divided and O’Toole is tried very hard to unite all the factions this past weekend at their convention. So here’s our question:

Were Erin O’Toole’s ‘advisors’ in the room when the question is climate change real appeared on the agenda? Wait. Is climate change real? Is that a way to word the question? Sounds like a multiple choice question for a grade five class.

Clearly O’Toole’s advisors were having a coffee or a nap or maybe a green smoothie both when the question was written and when the vote was taken.  54% of those attending the convention, most from western Canada, ‘do not believe’ climate change is real. Fake news.

We recall a previous conservative convention where there was a question that was going to be contentious and guess what? It never made it to the agenda. Happens all the time in every organization.

Erin O’Toole is trying to unite his party. If people are looking for another five years of Justin, the climate change question at the convention and its passing is one way of helping that along.

Here’s the headline from all of this: It appears that not all the people giving O’Toole advice are the smartest flakes in the box to allow that question to appear anywhere last weekend.

The Democrats are doing their best to blame Trump for the crisis at the borders happening as we speak. They can’t hang this one on Trump because Biden made it very clear that it was a good time to come to the US. And come they did and still are in such numbers that Biden’s peeps had to retract what they said.

It’s time the dems dropped Trump from their vocabulary and take ownership for their mistakes. And this was a really big mistake.

Can we talk about entitled people? Like the thousands who went to South Beach in Miami to party, wreck stores and restaurants and cause general havoc because they were ‘freed from the pandemic’.

Can someone please send a memo to those geniuses that nobody is free from the pandemic? Yes, many are vaccinated and herd immunity is kicking in, but everyone still needs to take some precautions. Trashing a city because you need to let loose? Entitled, immature, infantine behavior.

And speaking of the United States, what’s with  men who have the need to kill mass amounts of innocent people on a regular basis? Did you know that people are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence in the US than any other developed nation? In  Boulder Colorado the man turned out to be mentally ill. How did he get a gun? Rhetorical question. Clearly anybody can buy a gun if this guy got one. 

Here’s what one person said when he heard about Boulder: “It’s a shame, but what can we do? There really wasn’t anything that was going to keep this individual from snapping and killing a lot of people if that’s what they really wanted.”

That’s their answer? They are helpless to stop these killings? There’s a big problem down south and nobody seems to be home to deal with it. The ‘we stand with Boulder Colorado’ manure on Facebook  or candle marches won’t cut it.

Israeli’s are voting today for the fourth time in two years and it seems that people have election-fatigue. The turnout is low which doesn’t bode well for any of the parties forming a coalition which would result in a 5th election.

Aside from election fatigue, it is three days before Passover and many in the ultra-Orthodox communities are busy with holiday preparations. As they have voted four times previously, we are guessing that at this point they are going to concentrate on the holiday rather than yet another election with most likely the same outcome as the last four.

Back to the immigration crisis. Where, you ask, is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez aka AOC? When Trump had his immigration crisis she said the Trump administration was creating concentration camps. She ran there, took pictures and plastered them all over social media.

Has anyone heard from AOC regarding Biden’s immigration crisis creation? Not a peep. Gotta love those democrats, eh Blanche? When it suits them, they feel so sorry for the kids without their parents held in ‘detention centers’. When it doesn’t suit their political agenda – who cares about those kids. Disgusting.

While we felt for Meghan and Harry during their interview with Oprah, there’s one detail of their lives that doesn’t speak well for them. People they hire keep quitting.

The latest sacrifice is someone by the name of Catherine St-Laurent. She’s a heavyweight in the world of philanthropy, having advised Bill and Melinda Gates. Doesn’t get any bigger than that.

She was hand-picked by Harry and Meghan as chief of staff and executive director of their non-profit Archewell Foundation. She lasted 11 months. She will continue to ‘advise’ them but will no longer be considered a full-time employee nor remain on the payroll, so advising them certainly won’t last long.

Catherine St-Laurent is the 11th staff member to quit on the Sussexes. Something smells here.

UPDATE ON THE ISRAELI ELECTION: Exit polls released by all three of Israel’s main TV networks project a narrow victory for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the picture could still change as official results come in.  What this really says is that there is yet another election for Israel much sooner than later as a coalition must also be formed and that doesn’t look promising.

We’ll talk…

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