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Justin hit a new milestone: He made every international news media in one day and in doing so embarrassed, yet again, all Canadians. We speak of the standing ovation given to a nazi in our House of Commons. The speaker of the house Anthony Rota resigned - Justin's latest scapegoat.

Let's start with the fact that this nazi was not vetted - not by Rota, not by Justin's office, not by anybody. The person with the biggest target on his head - Velensky was in the house of commons and nobody thought to check out this old man or anyone in that room? Mind-boggling.

That in and of itself makes his government look like a bunch of dufuses. What? Giving a standing ovation to a nazi and nobody knew who this man was?

We went to the house of commons and know from experience that every person is vetted. Not a very deep check would have quickly revealed he was a nazi. Someone in the media found this out in less than 24 hours.

Not only that, Rota said this nazi fought the russians. No. This nazi was a vicious ukranian who fought with the germans, rounding up Jews. More on that further down.

Another recurring issue has to do with Justin's inner circle who think they know everything when clearly they don't as per the ever-growing list of scandals. It appears that very few if any ukranian Canadians or refugees were invited, so in one fell swoop Justin's office ticked off a multitude of people.

The PMO's office said they didn't know about this nazi. Here's the headline: The PMO's office saw the list and nobody bothered to check because he was 98 years old.

In fact if anyone in that office had the slightest knowledge of history, they would have figured out very quickly that in 1945 he was the right age to be a nazi. And then, they would have checked him out. Dream on Blanche.

Justin hung this on the speaker of the house Anthony Rota but make no mistake: This falls directly into his lap, his chief of staff Katie Telford and all her missives. And never forget that when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

Now about the ukranians and the Jews during the war.

This nazi brought to the fore how complicated it is for Jews to feel sorry for what is happening to ukraine right now.

Of all the beasts during the war, the ukranians were of the worst in rounding up and murdering Jews. Now the world is asking us to feel sorry that russia invaded them? It's a very tough pill to swallow.

There - we wrote it and it's out in the open. If anyone has any issues with this, please don't hesitate to comment.

There was a fantastic article in this weekend's National Post entitled Montreal 2.0: Could Montreal Challenge Toronto?

The article was upbeat, inspiring and hopeful. Until the very sobering words of a highly successful entrepreneur - Mitch Garber who put his money where his mouth is. After earning a fortune of money outside of Montreal, he chose to return home.

Here are his words: "Non-French-speaing entrepreneurs are hard to attract to Quebec today, and anyone who tells you otherwise has not tried to attract non-French-speaking entrepreneurs to Quebec. It is a reality."

And then we read in the Globe and Mail - an international newspaper - that the Quebec government bureaucrats cannot find anyone to fast-track the less than useless red tape to enable six Ukrainian teens to enter an English high school? As of September 1, they have been home. It was ok that they played for the Quebec hockey teams, but school? In English?

The czar legault is looking like a nit-picking, mean-spirited, out of touch old woman. A very old woman who is unable to change her ways. An old woman who cannot tolerate any change.

He also looks like a fool. Nobody in business cares what language anyone speaks. People are in business to make money, which gives other people jobs, which enables people to spend money which makes our economy run. Which part of that doesn't he understand?

We'll tell you one part he does understand - being embarrassed internationally for not allowing 6 kids who ran away from a war to enter an English high school. Small-minded is a gross understatement.

Between him and that fool of a mayor Valerie Plante, they are doing their best to destroy what could be one of the best and safest places to live in the world. One has to wonder how truly out of touch these two geniuses are. Surrounding themselves with like-minded mental midgets is not serving them well.

If you want to know what shooting yourself in the foot is, keep reading.

Due to the endless looting and mobs running into stores, terrorizing shoppers and employees and stealing anything not nailed down to the floor, Target is closing nine stores.

Target said it made the "difficult decision" to close the stores — which include locations in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, Seattle, Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area. Note that all of these stores are located in democratic, defund the police, cities of refuge.

Here's a headline: The world needs law and order. We clearly need to be protected from ourselves.

People who own stores know that law and order is needed to keep 'some people' from looting, forcing their stores to hire endless security guards and using theft deterrents like locking up merchandise to actually stay in business. And when law and order breaks down, well, guess what? They close their stores.

The other interesting fact to note is that most of these stores are located in, shall we say, not the nicest part of town. They are in areas where people need to shop in Target because it's cheap. Now they have to go very far to get to a Target. What's the point of that? We'll tell you. No point. It's like shooting yourself in the foot.

Anthony Housefather - we're still waiting for you to cross the floor and run for the conservatives.

We simply cannot believe that you are staying with a leader who surrounds himself with such idiots that they allowed a nazi to speak in the house of commons. Get out.

We'll talk...

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We cannot deny the past, but we must acknowledge the present and remember that, just like Germany (for a specific example), the people of today (in general) are not the people of yesterday.

Ignored here is that Zelensky, and the Ukrainian prime minister, are Jewish. Zelensky has not hidden this fact. He may be secular, but Jewish he is nonetheless. Which means a Ukranian electorate that was born from the past atrocities elected Jewish leaders. This doesn't mean that Ukraine is a haven for Jews or that endemic antisemitism doesn't still exist (just like it does here).

Russia has its own anti-Semitic history. In fact, most of the western world has dabbled in antisemitism, and many are still Proud about…

Me gusta

re ukraine and its people,

everything that goes around comes around,

its payback to the people that hated and killed us,


Me gusta

Bravo Blanche for speaking the truth. I also shed crocodile tears for what is happening in Ukraine .

“In the middle of the roundabout in the middle of Kyiv

is an imposing statue.

A horse stands up on its hind legs. On the horse sits Bogdan Chmielnicki. The plaque on the statue reads: “Bogdan Chmielnicki Hero of the Ukrainian People.”

Until the rise of Adolf Hitler, Chmielnicki was the greatest murderer of Jews in all of Jewish history. That was no small feat. “.

Me gusta
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